Friday, December 29, 2006

Got my craft table back

la, la, laaaaaaaaaa.
Hywel says he prefers the conservatory without all my crafty nonsense scattered about. Hum[h! Will have to tidy it again as the olds are coming today. But I neeeeeded that crafty time yesterday.

Made my Mum's christmas exploding box - the last for a while as I think 6 in a short space of time is enough. I do love doing them though!

This pic of Carys is from our Boxing Day walk. The stem in front of her face makes a lovely flower doesn't it!
And I got a fab photo of Emrys (who hids or mugs)And always has his glasses half way down his nose.

I'm having trouble with loading onto Daring Cardmakers but (almost) Mrs Rhi has sorted me out - thankyou my angel.
I thought I would try 3 versions of this card (only one on the Dare blog) trying to get more simple as I went along. They are even a wee bit stylish I think although that is not the usual adjective people use about me or my crafting!

The cards all use Crate Paper Avenue which is just fabby. I highly recommend getting the paper pack as it has two of each design in it which makes using it more bearable.

Card One also uses an Auntie Sarah's bloomer - I haven't got many left now and so may have to order a few of my favourite colours. These black ones are lovely aren't they. Buttons are msotly all Bazzill buttons by Junkitz. Love those matte buttons I do.
Text is printed on the card. I find if I do want a fairly simple card look that prinitng the text first makes sure there is a lot of white space.
Once I had made that one I thought I ought to do one without a posh flower in case you like this idea but have no flowers. But have flower dies or punches
This one uses a Whale of a Punch retro flower and some ultra thick ric rac which meant the flower square had to be mounted. That will be a first class plus postage then....
And I turned over another piee of crate and found this gorgeous blue on the backActaully I should have done one with just punched out circles to be even simpler. Maybe next week...

Before I go - I must thank that wonderful online shop A Trip Down Memory Lane. I now have enough money for a Craft Robo! (Although reading the stuff about it on UKS makes it a bit daunting). I live near one of the UK suppliers so might see if i can pick it up and save on postage and packing...
Anyway I decided that meant I could celebrate with the BG Blush pad. And as there was a free gift if you spent over £15 one or two other bits fell in my basket. I had an email not long after I had paid to say they had started a sale and as I missed out would pop something else in. That was wednesday evening and my parcel arrived today - with my lovely order, some ribbons, a Zig pen (the free gift) and letter stickers to go with Crate Paper Cowboy - which I have. yee har!
I am always happy to promote good service and ATDML have never given anything but excellent service!


Mel said...

Love those cards - I really must try to make some cards in 2007! Glad your parcel got to you ok :) Happy New Year. Mel xx

Gillian said...

Hi Lythan, Great idea making the same card three times.. they are all as you say 'Stylish'.. And I just love your new exploding box.. You are so clever.. still haven't tried one yet.. but you have inspired me yet again...

Tracey said...

Lovely cards Lythan, really classy. I love your exploding box. Really have to try one of these soon.
Hope you have a great new year.
Tracey xxx

Kelly K said...

Great minds and all that hun - hadn't read this when I ordered from ATDML and also got the BG and some Crate! Love your cards this week. I am feeling sooooo inspired and am itching to get all this New Year malarkey out of the way so I can get back in my craft room. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the Nevards!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Love those cards. You are getting a dab hand at these boxes aren't you!!

Happy New Year.

Pearl said...

You do have such beautiful kids Lythan ! I so hear you on the " they wouldn't pose for the camera" bit ! lol !

I may have to "borrow" others' kids this year if I wanna scrap ! lol

Hope you're having a great start to 2007 !

as always, appreciate your warm well wishes & words!

ttfn, Pearl