Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kicking myself

So i went into the lovely new craft shop in little old Upminster yesterday. it's called "imagine that" (no website yet) and it is beautifully lit. Not over loaded with stuff but it is all yummy. Bazzil was 10 sheets for £4.00. So I bought 20 and explained i was going to make loads of exploding boxes. Which they had never heard of.
So I hatched up a cunning plan. I would take one in, they would go "oooh and aaah" and ask me to teach a class an I would say "of course" and tell them about the daring cardmakers blog and all sorts. I printed up a set of instructions (I hope that is okay as I have four different lots of instructions from different places and people that have been cobbled together for the best fit in my opinion).
So I took my box in, they went "oooh and aaah" (though the person who lifted the lid was a bit nervous because it might explode!) and she laughed and said "would you like to teach this as a class"
and I said....

it's very easy you just follow the instructions

Why am I such a wuss? Answers on a postcard please! I did leave my name and number just in case and will go in again anyway as it is a lovely shop with lots of classes and crops that I would love to get to. So maybe one day I'll mention Daring Cardmakers too.

Other news: 1: My chicken cards are in the Omlet shop! And some people have bought them! (they are the bottom 3 on the page)

2: My friend Gill's nicce is getting married for the second time and is wearing a black dress with bridesmaids in cream. "Oooh I've got just the paper" I said and used some of my new Crate paper without crying

(all CP with QK hearts and free ribbons that came from my ATDML order because they are so nice)

...Possibly because I ordered 2 more collections today in the Capture the magic 25% off sale.
And my first 12x12 album becasue I have so much free time for crafting at this time of year.
Yeah right.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lythan,
Gotta love that paper.... that is just a gorgeous card...
Here's hoping next time you will be more confident, You are a very talented lady, and I'm sure they will realise that at the shop...

Anonymous said...


Paula J Atkinson said...

How like me you are!!
I would most probably have done exactly the same, but you did leave your name & contact details & they may well struggle & give you a call. This time GO!!!!
Gorgeous card BTW

Pearl said...

Wow those chicken cards are really special, Lythan ! Loved the explosion box story ! hmmm........yes why not teach instead of being a student ? lol

Kathy said...

That's one very beauitful card.

And you are one wicked temptress - how am I supposed to resist going and looking at those shops you've so kindly linked to?