Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas - Jesus is born!

Jesus is born!

Let us celebrate!

we are having a great celebration Chez Nevard and hope you are too. Stockings have been opened, services have been taken, lunch has been eaten. presents have been shared and we are taking a break for pudding, dog walking and beetle drive before we settle down to more pressies and Dr Who. Crafty presents well received so far and we have now got the three kings to go with the wonderful Willow Tree nativity set above. We have lots of nativity sets but no window sills so we can only put out a few at a time!

Apart from finishing exploding boxes and journals (one more box still to make!) we made the stars that come with the BG Fruitcake set. Boy are they more fiddly than it seems. Carys and i only managed to make seven sided stars not 8 and ours have buttons in the middle so keep falling down. I don't think they are heirloom material...

May your Christmas be full of love, joy, hope and peace


Pearl said...

Hi Lythan , good to hear your crafty presents were well received ! ( but of course ! )

Trust you will have much to look forward to as well in terms of crafting creativity next year !

ttfn, Pearl

Gillian said...

happy inbetween Christmas & new years...LOL...
Oh, how cute are your pics... I have some willow tree angels, I just love them... those stars are just so pretty Lythan, I'm sure Carys had a lovely time doing them with you. So glad you have had a lovely Christmas, we did too.