Thursday, January 25, 2007


Sometimes I wonder about people.
That is all I can say.
But please be understanding if I suddenly run down the street naked shouting "the sky is falling down"

Sometimes I wonder about my family.
Now this I can say.
Carys has started a blog. She did explain the title (but it is lost on me). But its not jsut that. it's the comments that the rest of the mad family made...

I haven't kept you up to date with me art cards.
Here is the title one - alas not very focussed (why do i suddenly have trouble focussing my camera?)
Some lovely metallic paper, a quilled flower I had in a swap, ribbon, chatterbox paper and some 7gypsies rubons
And week 2

BG Lollipoppe Shoppe (being withdrawn - noooooooooo!) circle punch, charm from Carolyn's shop, prima flower and Poundland diamente
Can't show you week three because it doesn't exist yet. must say that compared to some of the fine works of art, mine feels a bit amateur. BUT I think the whole exercise of putting together and reflecting will do me good. I have already put the three of them on a book ring and it looks nice!
It's dare time tomorrow. How can it be Friday again?
And Phil is poorly bad. And if he says he is ill, he's ill. He isn't a 'man flu' kind of guy. upside is - I will get the bed to myself! (coldd sufferers sleep in the spare room). But awww I hate seeing him not well. Get well soon honeybun


Gillian said...

Oh I guess that's a sign that Carys is growing up... having her own blog... I'll have to check it out..
Oh Lythan I love your Art Cards.. they are gorgeous.. You have been sooooooo Busy..

Dollydimps said...

Lythan I covet your handwriting! Can you come and teach me please!!

Emily Falconbridge said...

love the passion you are pouring into your cards - awesome work!