Friday, January 12, 2007

ooops I did it again!

Remember my Sound of Music tickets what I lost? You'll never guess what.... Yup. They disappeared off the pinboard. Fortunately I found them down the back of the radiator. They are now stuck with two pins on the board and as I have less that a week to go before i need then (woo hoo) I am hopeful that it won't happen again.

Well I think I managed to launch the Daring Cardmakers blog successfully! we now put our own cards on during the week which makes it easier and the new Blogger is more reliable too. I am always in a panic that I will accidentally publish instead of saving as draft so I have to chant "draft, draft"until I finish. Can you unpublish? So my idea was to use items in your wardrobe for inspiration. I was quite pleased with my idea until I opened my wardrobe. I am a Minister. I still haven't quite shaken off the semi Goth look of my youth in the 80's. Most of my wardrobe is dull and black and grey. But luckily I am trying to move away from all the gloom especially in the summer so I did have two colourful skirts to play with!
Both skirts are from Primark!

This card uses a SA kit card, Fontwerks Elsie flower stamps, some ribbon and red diamentes

This one is very simple! Circles of DCWV card stock, Distress Ink, Prima flowers and stickles glue. Oh and a tiny peel off! Yes and I like it!

It is so exciting to have a new team member at DCM. Debbie is just 'resting' but we like to have a large group so that if anyone can't make a dare then there is still plenty for everyone to see. we chose Gillian for her talent and her enthusiasm. It was hard cos there are so many talented people. But we have plans to highlight other people who play along so just watch this space. well that space I suppose.
As it is Friday I am trying to put my worship service together. It is the story of the wedding at Cana this week - the wonderful time when Jesus turned water into wine. Think I might talk about how he uses us and turns what we might think is ordinary (our lives, our skills) into the good stuff that makes a difference to people (but not obviously that makes them very drunk and sick after only two glasses as happens with me and wine. For me I would hope that he also turned some water into gin. Not too much of that either though).

But in the middle of my thinking I have to go out and collect my Craft Robo. Way hey! And if that thought doesn't cheer you up as much as me - try this monkey's back
(for those not in the UK this comedian and the monkey starred in tv adverts for a tv idea that went belly up. Everyone preferred the monkey to the tv concept)


Susan said...

What cute cards! I like them both. It's amazing what will inspire us to design a card, isn't it? Thanks for thinking of this dare - am going to have a go after I have seen the design team's cards.

You know, I had a look at the original meaning of the word 'wine' wherever it appeared in the Bible once. A lot of references seemed to mean a form of grape juice/heavy syrup that wasn't alcoholic. When I found a word that meant 'strong drink' the commentator also said the 'strong drink' of Bible times was never as strong as the drink we make these days. So I gave up drinking our 'strong drink' and feel it has improved my health so much. Just some thoughts...

Pearl said...

You are sure are one busy gal ,Lythan ! &

I've only just realised you're a Minister too ! way cool ! a busy crafting one at that !

Love both cards - really makes me want to go buy those Fontwerks stamps & stamp away too ! - love that flower pattern in red !

blessings , Pearl

Kathy said...

I love the way you've used the fabric as your inspiration Lythan. Both cards are great, but I must admit my favouorite is the red and white one.

Good luck with the sermonising!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Great cards Lythan i love them both, The fabric dress i made on mine was a right pain it slipped everywhere.

Andrea xx

Gillian said...

Hey there Lythan, You do have some cutie-pie skirts.... and you do make some UNREAL cards.... Love both of these sooo much, You are such a clever girl...
I love the basis of your sermon... wish I could hear it..

Rhi said...

How fab is Primark! Gorgeous skirts and stunning cards youve made inspired by them.

I can only drink one glass of wine before I get far too silly *blush* I too wish I could hear your sermons, they sound fab :)

Rhi x

Paula said...

Gah! I wanted that blue skirt with the red flowers on but they hadn't got it in my size, so I had to stand and watch my skinny friend buy hers instead! I love how you have translated it into a card - well done!

Sarah said...

Hiya Lythan!!

What gorgeous cards - and what a great challenge.


~Kathryn~ said...

Just adore the prima card - love everything about it !!!

Mary-Beth said...

Love your cards Lythan!! Thanks so much for leaving your kind comments on my blog. I truly appreciate it.

That angel is magnificent. Wish I could see her and the others up close.

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Lythan - great photo - but norty Phil - scaring you like that!!!!!!

Love your cards - brilliant as always

Well done on cutting with your robo - bet there will be no stopping you now

Love from "resting" Debbie ! LOL