Sunday, May 13, 2007

Give your loved ones a hug

As well as church today I have been to see a lovely friend whose husband died in his sleep this morning. One of the things that was upsetting her was not being able to kiss him goodbye while he was alive. It reminded me how important it is to keep telling those we love that we do love them because we never know what life will throw at us.
Norman was an amazing man. He was interned in a Japanese POW camp in China as a child (his parents who were missionaries in China managed to escape but he and his siblings did not). He was a Minister, an evangelist and an accountant which makes for an interesting mix!
we did not always see eye to eye but respected each other. Although he could seem quite stern he loved children and babies and they responded to him. He will be much missed - both here and in China where he was so loved and brought many people to faith in Christ.

I was able to give my loved one a hug yesterday as he came back from Prague having had a good time. He even fitted in a bit of sight seeing.that put the lid on a good day for me. In the morning I went to Imagine That and helped design a class on improving your journalling. I so enjoyed the brainstorming session. It was a good distraction ( I think) for Emma as her sister was getting married that afternoon and things were NOT going to plan (I'll find out tomorrow).

In the afternoon Carys and I did some scrapping together and I managed not to interfere with what she did (major achievement!)
She didn't want to use patterned paper (I couldn't choose between fainting with shock that someone didn't want patterned paper or thinking all the more for me!)
and she really does look like that when she is angry...

I finished my last NSD challenge for Bex forum - we were given an extension!
This challenge was to scrap and inspiration. I was going to go worthy with a page about Jesus - which i think I shall still do sometime. But went for something light and cheeky.
Its a Letter size page using SEI background paper and spotty paper.
I also used some bits of bazzill, April SA kit paper and arrows; ribbons, safmat and doodlebug buttons that i doodled on (yup, can't stop now). Scalloped edge done with giant scalloped scissors that Jo recommended. They are fabbo.

Just been called for lunch (love that DH) then more work this afternoon!


Kathy said...

You're right about the letting your loved one know you care thing - which is why I drag myself out of bed every mo=rning to wave him off to work - it just wouldn't feel right not to!

I love both LOs, clever of you to train Carys to reject the stuff you love ;-)

Your inspiration LO is FANTASTIC

Jo said...

Amazing LO's just love them, as Kathy said, it is fantastic that Carys uses different stuff to you ....:) Love your buttons, they are so funky, can deffo seeing you setting a trend with these :)

Off to give everyone a hug

jo xx

Pearl said...

wow loads to catch up on your blog Lythan ! havent had time to blog visit as much these days let alone craft ! lol

Love your inspiration LO ! indeed ! great that you can craft with Carys !

we've seeen our share of sudden deaths here in Spore too ! especially if they are "young " ! I hear you there about expressing ourselves with our loved ones !

Paula J Atkinson said...

Touching words, they made me feel sad as I have few loved ones left & each of the ones who are gone nevr got a kiss good bye.

Carys is a wonderful scrapper & I would definately go with the "more for me" paper theory!!! lol..

Love your Elsie inspires me page. I have begun the 8.5x11 size recently & am hooked though I will never abandon 12x12.

Sue said...

mmm wise words

and 2 fabarooney LO's glad I do not have to chose between them... and what a result Carys didn't want to use paterned paper *wink*