Friday, May 25, 2007

(Not so) ouch

Went to the dentist this week. I knew that I had a little filling missing. But also that one of my front teeth had been feeling funny. Not hurting but throbbing quite a lot. Decided to be a big brave girl and mention it to my dentist. One x-ray later and she broke the news that the nerve needed to come out. And she could start the procedure now. Eeeeek! I have had a filling in that tooth before and the injection just sucks. I was pregnant with Hywel and decided to practice my relaxation techniques as I was injected. Oh. My. It felt like someone had punched me in the face. I am sure that it wouldn't have hurt so much if I had been tense.
But that was almost 15 years ago and Dr Reed is just the best dentist in the whole world ever. The injection hardly hurt at all and although the whole procedure felt funny it didn't hurt a bit. Oh and did I mention that I ahve an NHS dentist and that the two visits, clean up, xrays and fillings will cost me £43? I love you Estelle Read and I want to have your babies. (Blackadder quote). Please don't move away ever!

Carys is fine - she just has a big bruise now. That lump was pretty awesome though. I now have permission to scrap it. Whenever I have time to craft again. This has been an uber busy working week - meetings every night. I struggle with that after a while so need a bit of scrap time. Maybe if I get my service done soon this morning!

Anyway, my Dare card for the week - finished right up to the limit again

JO set the dare this week
I would like you to make a card using some thing that you would normally find in an office environment. Such as... staples, paperclips, paper fasteners, file folders, library cards, hole punches, lined paper etc you get the drift.
so what did I use?
well I went to Poundland recently and didn't get any of the lovely chipboard there BUT found these alphabet shaped post it notes and thought they might come in handy. Of course being post it notes they are BRIGHT but there you go. I stuck them onto some paper to put them through the printer and used the U as a mask (although then decided to cut the middle out anyway). Bit of outlining but no inking (shock). Paper is KI memories and it is so versatile. The 2 is a basic grey number painted with pink and green paint. Also added cute bulldog clip from Wilkinsons, some coloured staples from the 99p shop and some holes using my trusty punch! I guess this is one of the most low budget cards I have ever done!

Tomorrow I am on duty at our contact centre. I used to be able to sit there and do some cross stitch but these days we have some lively children who need watching/playing with! Then we are going to visit Phil's friends who live near the Glitter Pot so I think there may be a little shopping. Sunday Phil, Carys and I are going to the Global Day of Prayer at West Ham stadium (will we all wear Bolton shirts?). Monday I will be packing for a quick break at Phil's mum's house but may get a teeny bit of crafting time. Hywel is going to have to take his revision with him for his science GCSE papers in June. Mwah hah hah.

Have a good weekend!


Susan said...

Nice take on the dare, Lythan. Even though it's 'low budget', it's very effective!

Hope your gums feel better soon.

Paula Whittaker said...

wonderful take on the the colours!

Esther said...

Wow what cool bold lettering, really makes the card stand out!

Samm said...

Great card!!!!


Paula J Atkinson said...

Great bold & bright card. I love the shapes.
I missed out on poundland chipboard too!!

Hope you feel better soon. My dentist won't treat me as NHS anymore & it costs me £45 for a check up & clean!!

Sarah said...

This is a lovely bright card. Love that little bulldog clip!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Really pretty and funky card for the dare, I love it!


Leni said...

very pretty card.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Really nice take on the dare Lythan and gosh, what a bump and a half that was!

Esther said...

CONGRATS! You are the winner! Please email me with detials of your address

Flower said...

You are so creative! I'm a little jealous. lol

Gillian said...

oooohhh.. I do think this is Clever Lythan.. love the funky bright colours too!

Sam said...

Oh I love this SO much! Fantastic bold letters!