Monday, May 21, 2007


Isn't this impressive?

Carys banged her head on the side of the door and in 5 minutes it was this size! She was fine and went to school alright. But it is still up a bit now!

I've had a crafty day today with Sue Hyde and Anita. We chatted, stroked stash and I made 2 layouts!
The first is Letter size - which means I can print straight on it. Groovy. I actually got a picture of Emrys looking happy and smiling - a rare occurence. This sweet photo goes with him being obnoxious - as you can read! All the papers are Christina Cole
{Layout will be back soon}

I showed it to him and he said "am I supposed to like it, it stinks"
Praise indeed.
This one is 8x8 and uses SEI Be Bop papers and 7 gypsies stickers
This evening after going to a meeting ON MY DAY OFF because someone I was meeting could only make it ON MY DAY OFF and finding he did not turn up (and me and someone else waited for 40 minutes) ON MY DAY OFF - the evening was redeemed by the most awesome movie night special called "Stranger than fiction". If you find anything about my blog funny ever then make sure you watch this film because it hit the Nevard family funny bone spot on.

I leave you with my sadly unsuccessful entry into Bex's "Scrap where you are at" layout competition. I decided not to scrap a space because frankly the mess is too embarrassing. I chose instead to scrap a state of mind...
My camera assistant enjoyed this one although I have to confess I am more covered than you might think!
I used my foam alphabet stamps on patterned papers - Junkitz and KI Memories. they are raised on foam pads. Then the other words are on safmat. I discovered that the front papers to the collections are perfect tiny versions of the papers and worked well here. I added a few photo corners and circles et voila. It still makes me smile - although it rather shocked my daughter! (and she wasn't looking at it when she accidentally hit her head I promise)


Hazel said...

Wow! What a bump!
I thought your take on the scrapping comp was great!

Jo said...

noooooo! boys need to get easier as they get older! Fab conversation though :) I did gasp when I saw the bump! That is huge!

I love your 'naked' scrapbooking lol tis such a fab page :)

jo xx

Lynne said...

Ooooh thats some bump ..... ouch.

Love your 'naked' LO - it's fab ... teehee!!

Keryn Campbell said...

The best thing about your layout for Bex's comp is the big grin on your face.

You have one brave daughter to still go to school with that lump on her head.

SueH said...
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SueH said...

Aww poor Carys, that's one huge lump. Hope it goes down and you're feeling better soon hun.

Thanks for coming over to 'play' yesterday, it was fun and I can assure everyone that your LO's look really fabby in the flesh (sorry, couldn't resist the pun)

Gillian said...

oh I love your scrap where you are at LO.... you are such an amazing person Lythan...what a fun and wonderful LO!!!

Oh and poor Carys... that does look awfully squishy that bruise... poor darling...

Paula J Atkinson said...

Are you quite sure she didn't do that looking at her mother frolicking with all that naughty yummy paper!!!

Fab pages!!
I hope her head is feeling a bit better now, rub some marg on it, takes the bruising out quicker!
(old wives tale, but my grandma swore by it)

Melissa Goodsell said...

Ouch that bump is huge!
I love your patterned paper layout btw, it's awesome!!

TandaStamps said...

wow, that bump is huge!

And look at you all naked, is that a take on the American Beautfy thingy with the roses?


Flower said...

OMG! I'm not sure I've ever seen a bump so large. Poor thing!

I nearly fell off my chair laughing at your "naked truth" layout. LOL! I love it! You have a great sense of humor and creative spirit!

Sam said...

Everything....just wonderful!

Apart from the bump of course ~ definately ouch!