Friday, May 04, 2007

Here's some I made (much, much) earlier

Haven't been able to sleep properly last few nights. Not totally sure why. its a shame becasue I was tip top after last week!
But it meant that I was able to do some crafting and fit in work. Bonus!
Subsequently there is a lot to share. I never know whether it is better to have loads on one post or share them out.
Tell you what I'll do as much as I can in 5 minutes!

So firstly,
the daring cards.
And the theme is...
You can pick any subject, any colour but the card has to incorporate WINGS of some sort-so you can do - butterflies, angels, fairies, insects,birds........anything basically if it has wings!

Still not really sure about this one. Anyway
  • ranger copper pen and doodling template base
  • alcohol inked acetate attached with brads
  • brown ribbon covered in opal dust
  • squares of Heidi Grace paper ( see below if time)
  • paper artsy stamp using distress ink. wings covered in glitter glue, opal dust and a sophistiquin each
  • liberal use of sophistiquins and copper glitter glue
I think probably it is the background I don't like.

to make up for it, made this at 6:45 this morning
  • April SA kit card and papers (the owl has teeny tiny wings see).
  • Teensy diamentes
  • a cream flower from the kit painted with blue blonde moments powder
Only time for one more this post. Another quick card - one of a pattern I use soooo much.
And even easier than usual

  • The squares are all cut from the same sheet of paper. Heidi Grace new mini squares. And the best bit is, touch the bottom left hand square. see its all suedey (that's why it looks blurred in the pic!).
  • Just added a button heart,
  • brads
  • safmat sentiment.
This is a great way to use up scraps and can make good mens cards for those not into cars/shirts/ darts/beer/fishing (thought I wouldn't advise the hert uness it is your boyfriend not your boss)


Kathy said...

Ahhh you should have added one more then I could have saif=d they were the Fab Four, Fab Three doesn't have the same ring.. still they are all fab. And I love the background of the first one! I've only one set of A Inks, and now I think I meed to get some more.....

Kathy said...

that should have read "could have SAID"

must remember to proof read before hitting the publish button....

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Just LOVE the DCM card, the second card is really cute and the third is so stylish!!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Love all your cards Lythan, great colours.

Andrea xx

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy Lythan... your little owl is tooo cute :)

Paula Whittaker said...

all your cards are wonderful....especially like the DCM one.

Rhi said...

I love your collagey style on the first one, really pretty and I like the background just as it is. The paper flower is just so cute, love it, and the last one is such a brilliant use of those papers, and in nice small amounts so theres lots left!

Rhi x

Tracey said...

FAB cards Lythan

Sam said...

Oh WOW ~ just stunning all of them! Such variety and gorgeous colour!

Di said...

Gosh you have been busy, and with such lovely results. I like the alcohol inks result. Must have a go at that. Not sure what you do with them though.

I really like the simple one at the end of the three as well.


Keryn Campbell said...

I'm quite inspired by the last card. I always need inspiration for male cards. With a bit of adjustment so as not to steal it wholesale I might have to make same like that.

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

I love your wings card - I think the brown colours are gorgeous.

Gillian said...

Lythan I am just in a spin... all of these amazing creations... i'm slow at commenting on your wings card, I'm sorry... I really think it is one of the most Delightful cards EVER!!!! and these other two are Gorgeous!