Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I won!

Esther's quiz on her blog that is. Fancy those little things being peel off "faux" staples. (Urgh hate the word "faux" it is the lingual equivalent of polystyrene to me). And she sent me a luvverly prize - look!
Yup some of those staples, lots of flowers and those brads, ooh they are all jeweled and everything. Thanks so much Esther!

I've had a nice end to the hols with some crafting and chatting and tv watching.
Movie Night was the Island with Ewan McGregor in it. thumbs up from the Nevards. it is so much easier being able to choose 12's as well as PG and U. (OK so youngest is not 12 yet but we deem her to be mature enough to cope with it on a small screen at home). Phil and Carys went to another chicken rescue and C worked her socks off apparently.
Craftingly I made two layouts and also went to a class at Imagine That. Can't show you as it is Carys' birthday card. And not finished.

I discovered that I have something in common with Emma's mum Judy - we both had daughters born on our birthday. I mentioned it because I was showing off about having my text about it read out on 5 Live last Tuesday (AND Matthew Bannister pronounced my name correctly!) and Emma said "oooh so did my mum". Sadly in my excitement at finishing my first card and having crafty stuff to get for nothing I forgot to mention it at the till.
I bought Big Timber Letter rubber stamps by Technique Tuesday. (I say bought becasue they were such an extravagance they were more that the £20 freebie. Blush)

I've also bought some Elsie papers which arrived today - I'm well impressed with Scrapshed. Good price, speedy delivery. I bought the papers in the girly lines as Self Addressed are promising the whole Toby collection which is in fact, my fave.

If i get some work done tonight I might get to play with them. So before work/tea/washing encroaches I will share my layouts.
Homend Estate is where MiLaw lives and I wanted to show off some of the animals. The paper is from a kit called Ethan Kate by Scrapworks. I wanted to try some circular cutting. Hmmm need more practice I think! It all looked a bit bare so out came a doodling genie template and a trust white pen. Not bad though - took photos on Saturday and did LO on Sunday!

This one uses photos from Easter hols. It is my 3 with cousin Jack. HE usually poses nicely! The paper is all Scenic Route. Letters are my new alpha stamps which someone with good taste has also bought (tee hee!). Photos and letters outlined with a paint dauber. finished off with some 7Gypsies 97% letter stickers (love 'em), some funky brads and ribbon which truly isn't as way off as the photo suggests.

Right, must work before I can PLAY


Dollydimps said...

Congrats on the prize!

Can I join the "had my baby on my birthday" club please? I had Rachel on my 27th birthday. Technically I'm still only 26 as I said I'd have no more birthdays!

Kathy said...

Brilliant LO and congrats on your prize - after all you must be running short of stash by now, you buy so very little of the stuff, don't you?????


I was born on mum and dad's wedding anniversary - does that qualify me at all?