Friday, June 15, 2007

Wierdo weather

I drove home in torrential storms yesterday, aquaplaning most of the way, worrying that my car would sink, then remembering the leaky conservatory and everything left out and panicking over that. Only about 1/4 mile ( if that, I am useless at distances ) from home I realised that there the road was bone dry. In the middle of Upminster - torrents. At my end of the main road - dry pavements. And dry left out stuff in the conservatory. Result. (It is hot and sunny here today as well while most of the UK seems to be flooding...)

Last night's Bible study was a blast. In fact I also did the card making club at the other church so I spent most of the day involved in crafting as part of my job. Double result! The theme of scrapbooking faith this week was heroes of faith. I chose an orange/brown/gold palette for them and people had brought photos to add in. I didn't - simply because I don't have photos of all my personal heroes and didn't want to single anyone out. I taught them how to use alcahol inks and a large rolling stamp. Dunno what technique next week as I am not really a techie person - but they like that element too. Anyway I could not get them to stop. They would have gone on a lot longer but I wanted to get home as I had my dare cards to finish off!
Here is my take on the theme - some of the others are much better!

I set the dare at the Daring Cardmakers this week. You are not the (em) boss of me. Basically just any kind of embossing you like. I'm nice like that. Simple. Big theme. (Which means I will probably do a right hard one next time ha ha)
I produced a set of cards as my contribution. This is becasue Carys is away next week on her year 6 school trip to Winmarleigh Hall (sounds like something out of Dickens!) and I wanted to send her a card for every day. Handily she has a name with 5 letters...
All the papers are from my K and Co Neopolitan Scrap pad to go. I wish I had looked at the two I made in the afternoon and stuck another one together horizontally but there you are.
Here are the techniques
Strips of paper glued to an outline and triple embossed. I discovered that you can actually then peel the white paper you glued it too off the back afterwards. Cool.
Chipboard painted with a Dabber, triple embossed with a penny black letter stamp stuck in on the last go round

QK embossing square on a technique tuesday letter stamp
fontwerks elsie flowers and technique tuesday letter stamp embossed with detail white powder.
Penny Black clear embossed stamp smooshed with chalks.

Its a doctor, orthodentist, GSCE, dentist kind of day today - let alone service prep so I must fly!
Have a good weekend


Keryn Campbell said...

On the main blog I thought that you had made one big card. WOW five!!! Carys is going to be so spoilt while she's away no one else is going to get anything like those cards.

Leigh said...

fabulous!!!! I thought it was one card too.

Jo said...

Five cards! and they are all fantastic! Love them all :) Thank you so much for a fantastic dare, the rain has just reached here (in time for the school run!)
oh and you didn't force my hand into buying the embossing folder lol has been on the shopping list for a while :)

jo xx

Hazel said...

Fantastic cards, Lythan. And still loving the idea of the faith scrapping.

mum-on-the-run said...

Great idea and beautiful cards..
love all your different takes on embossing!!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful set of cards - she'll be over the moon with them - and when she's home you can stick them all in a frame and make a fab "picture" for her room - aren't I helpful - just make sure she DOES bring them all home!

I love the idea you've used for listing your heroes, that would be fantastic for all sorts of things.... I'm thinking those CJs that ask you to give your favourite "this, that or other" when you can't decide on just one.

Must remember that one!

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic set of cards Lythan. I do love your paper strips technique and the smooshed chalks look fab too - must give that a go!

Sarah said...

Carys is one lucky girl! Such a lovely idea to make a card for each day! They are all fab, and thanks for such a great dare (and not being too bossy!!)

Penny said...

Lovely cards and lots of great techniques you've used!

Rika said...

very pretty

Paula J Atkinson said...

Gorgeous cards. They are stunning & like Kathy, I thought it was one long one!

Love the layout too, that orange is very cool.

All of my Todays said...

What a beautiful idea for the cards to Carys. I should have thought of that my son has just been on his trip to Winmarleigh last week - in all the rain. If what he says is anything to go by she will have a fantastic time!! Just make sure you put loads of plastic bags in for all the muddy, dirty clothes that come home with them!! Lol

Leni said...

very nice.

Gillian said...

Oh Lythan, I could cry... what a special Mummy you are, making Carys such a beautiful set of cards... I just love that they spell her name...she will be the envie of all the other girls...
they are all so lovely!
Thanks for this cool dare, really enjoyed it!
Love your Faith hero LO, very, very nice!!!! great the ladies are enjoying themselves so much..

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Fantastic Lythan i love them.

Andrea xx

Oblibby said...

I thought it was one card too Lythan. They're amazing and all go so well together.


Flower said...

Oh, what a sweet & clever mom you are! I bet she adores them. They are great!!