Friday, July 29, 2011

Just been to see a comedy!

I finished off a rather busy, but successful (at least in terms of the holiday club) week with a trip to the cinema en famille. The kids sniggered and giggled all the way through... Harry Potter 7b. I don't know WHAT they were on. Carys found Voldermort's face highly amusing and I think the other two just found bits of it ridiculous. When Voldy came to his end I said to Carys he had been danduffified and she said "He should have used Head and Shoulders" and I am afraid the tow of us lost it just for a while. If you were at the Vue Lakeside and disturbed by the muffled guffaws from row M this evening I do apologise. (Interestingly they were running late so dispensed with adverts and previews. I quite liked that!)

So I am a tad behind (again) with my Daring Cardmakers card this week. Sharon has chosen her very first dare - Cute as a button: Use buttons as the main feature of your card. Now I love the "button bits" style of rubber stamp but don't have a set so decided to have a go at drawing my own lines - and here is what I came up with
a bunch of balloons (hope you can tell that is what it is meant to be!)
The buttons came from a button jar but I think they are all Doodlebug - they have a lovely shape and nice matte finish (and yes it is rather sad that I can recognise a particular type of button). Papers are all MME Lime Twist, stamp is Waltzing Mouse and I also used some nastability dies and a Sharpie black pen.

I've now taken some photos of the wonderful present the highly talented and all round wonderful Sue Hyde made for me. Its a bumper size exploding box
which means it is gorgeous on the outside
then off comes the lid and ... pouff!
and each little box (and the centre "stem") are filled with crafting goodies
Isn't it fab?

This Sunday the gospel reading is the feeding of the 5000. Which does make a Minister sigh "how much more can be said about this event?". But one thing that the Noah's Ark week told me was that hearing the same story 4 days in a row brings new dimensions and I was still learning things as we put everything away. (ie why is Noah's boat called an ark and the tent that held the commandments called the Ark of the covenant. Fiona said something like it being a place of safety that reminded people that God was with them. Apparently "Ark" is a latin based word that means container. According to Wikipedia). So perhaps there is more to say about the feeding of the 5,000 as well....


Sue said...

Love losing it in the cinema one of those you had to be there moments. The ballon card is lovely Lythan really fab idea

Sues box wow what did you do to deserve that its amazing. Real labour of love lucky you

Mik said...

Love the button balloon cards! Very Cute!

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Fabulous card Lythan - drawing the strings is a great idea, really effective, and the papers you've used are gorgeous. Sx

purple_pea_fran said...

Love the colours and patterns, button balloons are a wonderful idea. Fran x

SueH said...

I really love this style of card, it so simple.........fab!

Glad you liked your box, have fun with the contents.

Oscar said...

Gorgeous card, I love that you doodled your balloons. x