Friday, February 28, 2014

Always look on the bright side of life

Even when it is hard!
Phil and I are struggling with the Cold That Will Not Go Away.
He is almost at the end of week 3 poor lamb and I am well (or not well) into week 2. We are mostly able to work but then get all weak and feeble all of a sudden and have to rest a bit (or watch 24 or Fringe, depending on who gets to the tv first)

I do try to look on the bright side. Maybe actually what I try to do is look with hope. That is a fundemental part of what Christian faith means to me - that I have hope that God can make a difference in my life and others; that I have hope that I can share his love and that God works in all things to do good. Of course, I struggle with this at times - when people don't behave as they should; when tragedies happen; when life is plain unfair. But I still have hope. In funerals I sometimes use the prayer "you can change the shadow of death into the brightness of a new morning" and to me that is what hope is about.

Which is what I wanted to express in my cheery card using the song lyrics/sentiment from the Life of Brian. It also reminds me of Phil singing this at a karaoke evening on a French campsite and the organisers apologising profusely to parents as it contained a (mild) four letter word. It would be a Minister who used profanity ("I only read what was on the screen" says Phil)

And why make such a card? well Gez asked us to be Sentimental for this weeks Daring Cardmaker challenge - and use a phrase that means something to you.

I used papers from the new Amy Tangerine pad (the yellow); the new Maggie Holmes pad (theclouds)  and Simple Stories colourwise (the black and white chevron). I added one of those fab October Afternoon chipboard clouds, a typed sentiment (font: Times and Times Again) and some Smash washi tape.
When I made the card last night I added some Liquid Pearl dots to the washi tape and left them to dry. It turns out that washi tape is not a good surface for the dots as they all fell off this morning!
(the background is some scrap paper I have used to do my Sharpie pen outlining. And stapler practice. Yes, I need stapler practice)
So the dots were replaced with stick on pearls....

Did I mention how much I love those clouds?
Have a good weekend - I hope that you are able to look on the bright side - and know some hope in your heart too :)

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(AJ) ArtJypsy said...

I love your card. From the pattern papers to the sentiment stapled to the side. Beautifully done. very inspiring.