Saturday, July 14, 2007

The countdown begins

Carys went to her year 6 leavers party (meal and bowling) today. There was a "Grease" theme apparently. Without buying anything new or making something (perish the thought) we scraped together this.
She has decided that she doesn't really like make up. I'm sure I was plastered in it by her age!
Actually I find it a little scary on her - I can see glimpses of an older girl. Just thinking abut her leaving year 6 makes me cry. I am going to show her up good and proper on Friday!
Some of the mums were telling me what a lovely girl she is. I blame the parents myself...
Carys is currently helping Phil finish off his NOCN Level 3 Teaching Parenting Classes Course. I hope she remembers all the good advice when she hits puberty.

As I was working this afternoon and evening I spared some time this morning to finish off my black and white (and red) layout. Yes I have a thing about black and white (and red). (and red) is my fave colour. I wear a LOT of black (that semi Goth thing never quite goes away you know) and I'm, um, very white.
It's an 8.5x11 page (loving this size). I used some old acetate (actually pants quality as it is v. thin and shiny, buy there you go). Some I painted the back red and then wrote on the front with a black Sharpie. Other bits I stamped with Banana Frog circles and painted on the back before writing. The advantage with the paint is that you can then put tape or glue on the back and you can't see it! Top strip is adhered using red staples. Papers are from SA June kit (the one I said I couldn't see me using any of on a layout) and Scrapagogo charity kit (the dotty paper). Fashion victim was stamped using my brand new Fontwerks stamps. Honestly, just go to their website and you can pick up seconds for a bargain price even including postage - as long as you can wait! There is usually one stamp that has come out wrong and they send a replacement anyway. Brilliant.
And then the best bit of all, the heart with wings comes from I made this today and is absolutely awesome. Expect to see it again soon!


Wendy - Anntaurus said...

What a fab layout and I think your Daughter is very beautiful just as she is and also very sensible!

Natty said...

Oh fab LO! I have been after those Fontwerks alpha stamps for a while - is it a clear set or the rubber set?

Not that I need any more stamps, but oh so perfect!

Unknown said...

Sad time indeed when they leave the Junior school. My DS leaves today too! Off to Senior School come September, where DOES the time go???!!! Hope your DD had a fab leavers night out time.

I Made This said...

This is such a fab LO! Thank you for leaving me a message so I could come and have a peek. I love what you have done with the doodle...I would never have thought of doing that with them! Fabulous!

Lynne said...

Hehehehe - I love this LO - and think to myself that could be about me ..... lol!!!!!

I've not been brave enough to wear the leggings outside tho .... but I'm with you on the smock and inverted bob. ;D