Monday, July 09, 2007

Tag - I'm it

as I have now been tagged twice to share seven facts about myself. Hmmm I have a vague feeling I have done this before but there you go, I'll try and dig deep for some other stuff you may not know.
  1. My middle name is Elisabeth. my mum wanted it to be Xantippe as it is a family name. the story is that there was a shipwreck on the Welsh coast and a Greek sailor survived and married an ancient relly of mine. Their daughter was named after his ship Xantippe. I did used to have an Aunt Santie and Aunt Tippy. My father put his foot down though (praise the Lord). One wacky name is enough I reckon.
  2. my great great grandfather was a boxer. He was pretty good. He went to America and LOST his fortune. Way to go. Back to coal mining for the rest of the family.
  3. I once played the harp on radio 3 as a "young musician". I was so nervous and bad they had to edit it together...
  4. I was bilingual until I was 2 when we moved to England. I could speak quite a lot of Welsh though...
  5. I can never remember which of our chickens is Spot and which is Mrs Miggins. Oh the shame. (And they look pretty different as well)
  6. Since breaking and dislocating the top knuckle of the fourth finger on my right hand getting involved in a dog fight the knuckle doesn't bend. I enjoy freaking out children by showing them.
  7. When I do assemblies in schools I get called RevNev as they find it easier to say than my name
Still awake?
I tag - oooh anyone who wants to let us know some of their more unusual proclivities!
Today I plan to do some card making before teaching at Imagine That this afternoon. I have 6 in the class today. Ulp!


Natty said...

Great facts, I wouldn't be worried about the mistaken identity of Mrs Miggins unless she ended up in a pie shop! :oO

supergran said...

My mothers name was Xantippe,known as Santy and she had a cousin with the same name, but she was known as Tippy. My mother was born in South Wales and we have a familly story which says that her aunty , also named Xantippe, was born on a very stormy night,and, it is said, this aunty was named after a ship that was wrecked off the South Wales coast, that very night.Do you think we might be related?

Unknown said...

My ggg grandmother was Xantippe Maddocks nee Jones I have also heard that story. I am Ceri was born in South Wales now live in Bucks.