Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Been a bad blogger I know

Thursday lunchtime Lythan turns on the computer and doesn't see the post from Wednesday night...
Argh now I know that I wrote a whole post yesterday. And uploaded it so
a: Why wasn't it there today
b: why did it only save the first 6 lines?

life just got a bit hectic and then I went down with a bit of a lurgy. Despite the "rest" of last week! I do find that every now and then my system just crashes and I have to take it easy. Don't know if its real or psychosomatic but it makes life interesting! I'm beginning to resurface now though. or it could just be my age now I am "Life, the universe and everything" years old.

So what have I been up to?

Now there was a whole interesting post about my life just here.
I haven't got time to do it all again so this is it in a nutshell

Film fun - posing better(front child not mine)
Mcdonalds, hmm, balloons hurray!
Teaching at Imagine That - only 15 minutes over time!
Work - panic as not ready for Sunday

Sunday - good after all (thanks Holy Spirit)
Church picnic - inside - not quite the same...

Monday - working on class sample for Imagine That. Went in to die cut letters using sets there and Carys went shopping for craft things with her own birthday money!
Sample now done - not entirely happy with it. Hope to get permission to show you anyway . Papers are nice...

Tuesday and Wednesday - mostly not well

Thursday - a lot better but not speaking to blogger...


Oblibby said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill, Lythan - glad you're better now.

Love the photo of you guys with the Simpsons.

Lisa xoxo

Kathy said...

awwww Poor Lythan. hope you're soon feeling properly well again.

great pics btw.

and shall we all give blogger a good slap for you?