Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Once a week

Can anyone tell me why Miss Lucky chooses one night a week not to sleep? For 5 0r 6 days she lulls us into a false sense of security and then it's werewolf night again. "Awoo, awoo" until she gets to sleep with humans. The last two times Phil has taken her in the guest room so I can sleep but we don't really want her to get use to the comfort of carpet there. Plus she is on heat.
The only thing that I was worried about with having a girlie dog was the bleeding. "oh no it is hardly anything" says the dog expert airily. I call it enough. She is going to have to have a new quilt cover for her bed. And will be going off to the docs asap.

I did manage some work so I could play yesterday.
And as I printed up the journalling I was able to assemble it in the living room to keep Phil company. If I hadn't hand cut the stars from the Salem papers it would have taken next to no time.
I am going to have to work on my photos of layouts. If I do it on the floor they are wonky. Putting them on a table and they are wonky. Any tips?
Anyway this really very square layout features Scenic Route Salem papers which are just fabby and awesome and some of my favourites ever.
The font is SP you've got mail printed directly onto the paper. Another strip of stripy paper to cover the join and some cut out stars and that is it really.
The letter stickers are 3 Bugs and were originally purple but came up a lovely black using a Sharpie pen. The black and white round the edge of the photo was also done with a black sharpie on the white surround. Just add a few Basic Grey rubons and Bob's yer layout.

I have a few hours to create something for the Salt challenge tomorrow before going to Church meeting. Sigh. Anyone want to chair it for me?


pmk said...

I read somewhere that blu-tacking your layout to a plain wall means that you can stand squarely in front of it to photograph. Haven't tried it yet though!

Hazel said...

I often put a LO on the floor and kneel down to take the photo (not that mine are any better than yours, 'cos they're not). Love the font on the LO you've shown. As for Lucky ... I don't know the answer. Josey (because she's a guide dog) has the comfort of sleeping in our room - on her fleece in the corner - never, ever, does on the bed or other furniture.

Paula J Atkinson said...

Fab layout. Love the photo.

Jo Austin said...

awww.. poor Lucky.
We have just had Holly done, and since has slept on the bed.. she wasn't doing right well on the evening of the op., I think shock got to her and she was cold.. so it was our way of keeping her warm..

As for the howling.. I'm not sure, the only thing I can think, which you are probably already doing is to walk her a little bit before beddy time. Holly was the same for a few months .. don't know why either.. lol, but she eventually settled down.

We didn't have our last dog done and had to put up with the femaley problem for years.. we lost a dog during a spay years ago, and din't want to go through it again.. but after the mess of it, we felt we had no choice this time. Glad we did now.

Jo Austin said...

me again.. just read the post about scrapbooking - I know I'm slow! - do you have photoshop? I agree with Pauline about the blue tacking onto the wall.. it does work, but if you have photoshop, you can pull a wonky piccie into shape with that.