Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crafty crafting

I have managed to claw a little scrapping time from my schedule this weekend.
Which is a bonus as tomorrow is official crafty day!

My weekend has also involved: a meeting; service prep on Friday; Saturday - Sermon prep and admin (though desk still looks like an earthquake hit); short hospital visit; quick supermarket trip including picking up a GORGEOUS dress for Carys to wear at my mum's 70th birthday celebration in May from Sainsbury's of all places (now working on getting the boys to wear proper shirts and maybe even comb their hair); Dr Who (ooooh) Casualty (ahhh, Carys gasped at the end over the twist which made me smile. I know it goes after the watershed but I do have the feeling that Carys is getting all her sex education from the programme now); today - 1 service and two elders meetings and doing some tidying up. Yuk. Didn't have to make lunch though thanks to my lovely hub.

So what did I make?

A few cards - I want to try and discipline myself to use up a few scraps of papers I use for layouts on cards so here are some using the Lynden line and some Self Addressed cards made of Bazzill.
One of my favourite boatsa Kristina Werner style one for my mum's collection
Adding a little fab May Arts ribbon.

And one using a new rubber stamp from Starving Artist Stamps
they arrived within a few days from the US with a hugely reasonable price and shipping. I just need to buy a little more EZ mount. I am going to be tempted by more of the doodle ones I can tell!
All the cahracters have their own names. This is Pip and Oggy. Aren't they tweet?

And finally... I had to create this quick layout when I was inspired to use the impulse purchase of Love Elsie Art papers which are not that easy to use when you get them home. Phil sent me the photo when I was at mum and dad's. If Lucky is bored she goes foraging for "things" to put in her bed - like umbrellas or food packets. Nice. It made me think of Tracey Emin and the lightbulb went on.

Everything is from the Zoe collection - I hand cut out the letters from some of the fabric paper, the red strip is from the other one. "By Lucky" is done using Penny Black stamps. There is liberal use of black and white pens. For a change. Not.

Right must dash to meeting 2 today. Will catch up with crafty stuff tomorrow I hope!

UPDATE: Had been driving for 5 minutes when I had the urge to look at the paper work for my 7 o'clock meeting which takes place 45 minutes drive away. Time of meeting 11:45 am. Uh-oh. Phoned the Church Secretary who admitted that she had put the wrong time on the agenda but no-one had mentioned it until this morning so she was confused as to what the right time should have been. I said a quick prayer of thanks to Big G for a: making me look at the papers before I drove all that way b: meaning I didn't have to be out all evening as well. Result!


Nickynoo said...

Fab cards Lythan, and as for that LO, absolutely inspired! Love it :0)

SueH said...

Amazing work again Lythan.
Your LO really made me smile!

Kathy said...

Fantastic qork Lythan - the cards look amazing and so does that LO

note to self - don't leave it so long between visits to Lythan's blog because she's way too productive and it takes HOURS to catch up with all the RevNev goings on