Friday, April 18, 2008

Hot and Spicy

that is the Daring Cardmakers theme this week. Makes me fancy a curry! Actually I'd settle for a hot water bottle and bed today but there we are!
We'd like you to take the phrase
"Hot and Spicy"
and make of it what you will.
It could be colour themed, food themed or maybe have just a hint of saucy spicy-ness
I decided to do a Kraft coloured base as it can make colours pop in a different way to white. Now I'm not so sure if white wouldn't have been better!
It is another Kristina Werner inpsired card. I just love the way she takes simple strips and makes things look lovely. I have a way to go...
The papers are all Marieke Vermeulen free downloads from a while back, given the old doodle treatment. The chipboard letters are Heidi Swapp, coloured in with a sharpie pen and the ribbon is a little bit of lushness bought when I was seriously into embroidery. Still love it but paper is my passion right now!

I've been really loving seeing what people have done with my doodle tutorial from Tuesday on DCM. I had been feeling rather down about my crafting abilities so reading the nice words people have used really made my day. Thanks!

And I finished the dreaded double layout. I always post what I have done here but I am almost reluctant to as it isn't up to scratch. Still hopefully I will be able to look back at my learning curve!
The paper is all Piggy Tales - the title was cut from it as well usig the craft robo.
{Grammar police (including my daughter) please note that I am aware it should be chickens' or chickens's or even chicken's as they are plural, to match the "women's institute". But because of the possible variations I decided to go for none! }

I also added some chipboard from my huge QVC store and of course the dreaded copper Stickles that I was cursing over. Plus some more "hide the mistakes" gems. And some buttons from my box. I put all my buttons together when I buy them so can't tell you where these are from. Some maybe doodlebug.

I think maybe I should have left off the chipboard as I couldn't get it painted the same colour. Ah well you live and learn. The journalling is printed on the plain side of some of the paper. Here it is to save your eyes...
Right as it is Friday you know what I will be doing for the rest of the day. That is right, regular readers - preparing the Sunday service! We have new people coming into membership of the Church which means several good things
a: new members!
b: short sermon! (to stop the service getting toooooo long)
c: I have to make cards to welcome them!

Have a good and crafty weekend


Sandy said...

Fantastic, absolutely fanatstic. Gorgeous card. Love it.

Kathy said...

Love your card - I must acquire som Kraft card - it looks fab with the hot colours.
The LO is fa - I don't know what you're mythering about Mrs Perfectionist!

Love reading the chicken journalling - brought back all those happy and sad memories of sharing your chicken saga - albeit at long-distance

Enfys said...

Love your cards and love your blog, just the chatty informal style that makes for such entertaining reading. Thanks.