Friday, April 11, 2008

It is finished

or I should say they are finished.
And I don't know which I am more pleased about.

While I was on my own in Swansea - the family having decamped home, I finished my 6,000 word essay, (well it is about 5,800) some revision not withstanding (must get back out of essay speak now) and also this
its about50,00o stitches I think. I've been doing it, as I just might have mentioned before, for about 4 years - as long as I have been cardmaking! Now I will have to wash and iron it - I'm always so nervous for that bit, before the expensive outlay of having it framed! I have just bought my next pattern - equally as complex, as I prefer my cross stitch to cover the whole piece rather than having canvas showing. I'm going to attempt a version of the Lady of Shallott by Meteyard. I have a thing about pre raphaelite paintings (or sad dying women as Phil puts it). LofS is one of the most common but Meteyard's painting is very hard to find in a good print. So I shall have my version on the wall instead - in about another 4 years time! Sadly you can't get all the detail - but it will be fun - I need 148 different threads!
I'm just doing the maths... and concluding that cross stitch is expensive. Just as well I shall spread the cost over 4 years in order to justify it!

It was very worthwhile staying in Swansea to do the essay. There were less distractions - and I am always easily distracted! Mind you I could have done without the work on the sewers on the road opposite. I also got to see a little of my school friends which is always nice. It would be good to be nearer but there you are.

Last night involved cuddles, but also some crafting time. Boy do I miss it! Cross stitch and knitting are not quite the same (I am knitting a cushion cover. I have a feeling that the kit is not going to have enough wool. Of course I didn't do a tension thingy. And I had forgotten how to cast off. It has been 11 years...) I managed to do my Salt dare a day late.

I love Gill's challenge.
His Presence
what does God's presence mean to you?
Does it mean Comfort in time of loss,
Strength when you face a battle,
Reassurance that you Walk the Good Walk...
I was going to use the words of a chorus (again) but then started to think about how I know I am always with God, but sometimes I don't count him into what I am doing. And so came up with this.
I was also helped by the arrival of a new package of goodies from a Million Memories in the US. Some Cosmo Cricket Robot stuff and a little Jenni Bowlin (not so keen, rather flimsy) and two lots of lush Scenic Route. This is Lynden. If I was being fussy I wouldn't mind some plain in with the patterns but the patterns are just fabby. As you may have noticed I lurve blue and green together. So it is all Lynden with a little bit of blue and white bazzill, blue and green distress ink and a grungeboard key painted with chalk ink. Two lots of ribbon from stash and a sprinkling of green flower sequins. They may have been added to hide a smudge. See if you can guess where. the photo is taken in one of my favourite places ever - Verdi's in the Mumbles. Oh how I hope there will be a little corner of heaven just like this. I had just eaten a scoop of cinnamon icecream with hazelnut crunch.

I am also beginning to struggle with the issue of pictures of me. I want my faith scrapbook to reflect my faith so there end up being a few pics of me. But it does seem a bit self indulgent - or "vain" as Phil helpfully commented when I shared this dilemma with him. ANy thoughts?

And today is Daring day!
Jo chose the dare

Butterfly, Flutterby

I seem to like butterflies at the mo. This week therefore I would like you to put some butterflies on cards. Stitched, felt, shiny, bright, plain, paper pieced, stamped, drawn... you get the idea :) any theme of card but it must have a butterfly somewhere on the card!

I loved the idea of this dare. I came up with the idea of using a grungeboard key for the layout and then spied butterflies in the pack. There is almost too much in a pack of grungeboard - but I am NOT complaining!
I also used some more new Scenic Route - Grafton this time. I bought the collection pack and matching buttons. Oooh be still my beating heart. Some of it is a tad surf orientated so I might save it for our summer holiday this year as we are going to a water park.
but then again I might just use the other patterns...
the grungeboard was painted with orange dabber and then I got out my old wax colour things that you are supposed to add on with your fingers - a bit like cream eye shadow. Bet you have some if you have been crafting a while! I layerd on colour and distress ink and outlined it on the sides with black pen. The greeting is "Happy Birthday" in Welsh as I said I would make my mum some cards for her to send to Cymraeg speaking friends. I am very proud of mum as when they retired to Wales in '96 she could only say a few things. She has studied, done her A level and now is pretty fluent. I can say swyddfa'r post and allanfa dan and hufen ia but unless you want the post office, emergency exit or icecream they are pretty useless. The tiny stickers are from Adorn it.

And now it is back to the usual Friday service prep. Still life should be on a slightly more even keel again now and I am looking forward to being crafty and updating the blog more than once a week!


Hazel said...

It's good to see you back and to know that the time away was productive, not just with the essay but with finishing that beautiful cross stitch piece of artwork. And you were on a roll when you got home to produce the wonderful Salt LO and also the DCM dare card - love it all. And I know exactly what you mean about photos of yourself, but I think they should be there (wait till you get to my age and you might not be so keen!)

Samm said...

Gorgeous Lythan! wonderful work!


Sandy said...

Wow Lythan what for stunning creations. Absolutely wonderful. Great work.

SueH said...

If I had realised that your post was going to be that long I would have made myself a cup of coffee before I sat down to read it. LOL!

Good to have you back and my, have you been a busy bee.

Congrats on finishing the essay, it must me a weight off your mind and you must be so pleased to have that behind you.

Your stitching is fantastic….I know the amount of work that’s gone into it, so well done….I look forward to seeing on your wall very soon!

And last but not least…..your card and LO are beautiful as ever, you always manage to make the bright colours work so well together.

Gina said...

Beautiful card, yummy papers! :O)

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Beautiful card Lythan.

Andrea xx

Joyce Ann said...

I've enjoy my 'visit' with you! Busy! The challenge page is adorable - the key is such a great idea to use in the message/title.
What cute cards too.
You are right to use your picture! There may be times you won't, but do not hesitate at any time, those who will enjoy this book in the future will be so thankful you did.

Kathy said...

More amazing work.
Beautiful stitchery, beautiful LO and beautiful cards.

The photo of you is great on the LO, it fits perfectly.