Friday, May 16, 2008

2 years older

for only about 6 weeks in a year, Phil is 2 years older than me. It starts today (har har). It also coincides with when we got married so it looks like I married a MUCH older man. I still can't beleive I was only 22 when we wed...

He did like his card. It woke Emrys up who found it quite hard to open his eyes and sing "Happy Birthday" at 7:30 this morning (and its his turn on Monday). The shapes are technique tuesday, everything else apart from the letters, is Scenic Route. The paints are Dabbers - I often use a brush or my fingers instead but I so LOVE thse dabber colours!

Phil has a Wii Fit which I am hoping he will share - as well as a chicken hat (you have to see it, an excellent Poundland find) and some books about Holland ready for the summer. Took me ages to find them as they were under "n" for Netherlands...

Yesterday we went to the Christian Resources Exhibition. It is a bit like a craft show only with more Bibles and slightly politer people. Not that Christians are necessarily polite. But they usually try their best when they know that everyone else knows they are Christians. There was less craft stuff too - though there was some. But I spent my money on getting Shane Lynch's autobiography, signed by the man himself. Only at a Christian show could he walk around barely recognised rather than being mobbed by loyal Boyzone fans even after all these years. I only knew he was a member of Boyzone - Phil failed to recognse him at all. His is a very interesting story of finding faith in some very dark times. And Louis Walsh.

And before I get to my Daring Card this week (the real point of the blog post). A small plea. You know when people come round to your house collecting for charity, or shake tins at you in the street? Even if you only give 5p, it means so much when you do. I have been Christian Aid collecting this week after a few years break and I had forgotten how demoralising it can be. I know we are disturbing you at home - but it doesn't take long to pop a few pence in an envelope and it does make a difference. to the collector as well as to the charity!

Onto Daring Card Makers
the challenge is set by Mel
I've based my dare on the book by Graeme Base called 'Animalia' (just because that book happened to be sitting near my desk when I realised it was my turn for the dare this week).

Another of my Animal stamps from Starving Artist - still love these stamps so much! They all have names - this is Dabble! I added the scarf and the sentiment is hand written. The papers are from an K and Co Mira mat pad. the image was coloured with the Works cheapy twinkling paints.

We are going out for a slap up lunch today - so I need to get on with my work (its the joys of a variable work week)

And I nearly forgot - how could I?
Its Hywel's last day at school today - apart from the exams anyway. He is going on to sixth form college, but this is another step of growing up I don't feel ready for. He took in chocolates and a thank you card for the library staff which I think tells you something about what kind of lad he is... (nerdy but lovely!)


Crafting Queen said...

What a fun card, and will make someone smile.

Kathy said...

Fab cards Lythan - I do love your little giraffe, he looks soooo sorry for himself. That face reminds me of my hubby when he's got the Man-Flu

Great post - your bit about the exhibition made me laugh out loud - sounds like you behaved loke a Groupie though!

I know what you mean about door-to-door collecting - I've done quite a bit of that in the past and its just so horrible when people shut the door in your face.

Anonymous said...

Love both cards Lythan. :) OMG - I'm 2 years and 5 days OLDER than my DH (eek!!) but he has always looked at least that much older than me!! LOL


Rosie said...

Love your cards Lythan - and how inspiring to meet 'real' people like Shane Lynch at such an event. I hope you get to test the Wii Fit board - I'm trying to save for one right now!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and 'chin up' with the collecting - I know just how you feel...

SueH said...

Wonderful cards as always Lythan and both very colourful.

I hope that Phil have a great birthday and Hywel's last day at school went well.

Unknown said...

Love your giraffe Lythan and your DH's card is so bright and cheerful. I love visiting your blog :) LOL Lynn x

joanne wardle said...

great giraffe! goes perfect with the sentiment too!

Sammie said...

thanks for daring to visit my lion in his lair!!! I love this giraffe and that scarf. What fun!
Thanks for visiting me.

Rosanne said...

Cute cards!

Hazel said...

Cute card! Glad Phil liked his - do we get to see a photo of the chicken hat? please?!