Friday, May 09, 2008


I am good at this. So good that I throw away all my paper and card every week. Which meant that I struggled at first with the Daring Cardmakers challenge this week. I do keep some birthday cards but only the extra special hand made ones that I am not going to tear bits off!
This week we have a team dare for you ....and we have been looking at Recycling once again. BUT there is a tiny twist! (you'd expect no less eh?) We want you to have a look at old shop bought greetings cards, wrapping paper or gift bags which you have received in the past and recycle any elements to make a card of your own.

And even now I had to cheat as I used wrapping paper I have bought but not used yet. Forgive me please!
Here is the paper I had - some ultra cheapy Wilkinsons paper
and this is what I did with it. It was also helping to use up an old Self Addressed kit so that is ethical crafting too!
It could have done with even more doodling but I couldn't spend any more time on it sadly. I'm going to having a good cardmaking session on Monday though and I may jsut see if I can use up more of this kit.


Sue said...

My goodness a CHEAT!!!! pmsl

I love what you have done I am not sure I approve of the cheating bit though - much *wink*

Jackie said...

I think it's sweet.....think of it as just cutting out the middle man - bought........recycled! :)

Karen said...

LOL I love the little cars you have used!!! Its a fantastic bright cheerful card you have there. But did you cheat a little??? Only a little but its all good fun eh X

Kathy said...

You're just showing off Lythan with all that "I don't have any old stuff" - or maybe you're just trying to make me look bad because I have loads of "might come in useful" treadure - some would say "rubbish"

But that paper makes for a fab card - the little cards look so cute.
You're still a Mrs Swotty-Knickers though.....

Hazel said...

A great use of that wrapping paper (I've got some of that somewhere!) Well done for such a good response to the dare.

Susan (Sue H) said...

This is sooooo cute!

Love the way you've used the car'd never guess it started out life as wrapping paper.

Judy said...

That's a really cheerful fun card, Lythan just perfect for a little boy!

manuela said...

Deine Karte gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut! Die Farben, die Autos! Einfach wow!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Lovely Card Lythan, so colourful.

Andrea xx