Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Loooong weekend

mostly working though :( I did the card club at Church on Saturday. I am going to have to issue strict instructions and possibly fines from now on. I did try saying that I had brought a brand new ink pad and that you don't need to smother the stamp in ink. But ended up with stamps looking like they were black and not red rubber based. And glue sticks dry out if you don't put the lid back on straight away!!!!!!

OK I feel better now. The samples idea seemed to work and there are loads of people there now which is all good. we are charging enough that I can buy staples and not use my stuff all the time anymore. The basis is still all the papers that I bought and will never use at home (oh the shame) but it makes me feel better to know it is used!

Yesterday we went to the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey where they had a VE day reconstruction event. Why do people want to dress up as soldiers from WW2? Especially as German soldiers from the time, knowing what they did? I do hate the anti German stuff we Brits can come up with but choosing to identify yourself with a fascist regime that annihilated people just becasue of who they were puzzles me. Except you do get to die horribly in battle which I would enjoy!

I now have to go and watch Holby with hubby so I shall leave you with my late contributions to the National Scrapbooking Day fun at Scraptitude...


Hazel said...

Great LOs, Lythan! Awwwww - poor fat baby (I'm sure it was clothing and angle of the camera!). Love the 'hat people' lol!

Samm said...

Ahhhh, fab layouts!!!! you weren't fat, just undertall!!! (as Garfield might say!)


lisa said...

Lythan, your jornaling always brings a smile to my face.
Stunning LO's as always : )