Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dr Oooooh

I enjoyed our DR Who fest last night. Blink still has to be the most awesome episode ever and I'm seriously thinking of having "the angels have the phone box" printed on a t shirt to see how many Who nerds I know. I love Dr Who and not just because David Tennant has a certain goofish charm. The thing is though, I know it is wrong but the one that really gets me going is John Simm as the Master. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh sorry, just drifted off there. We watched the series finale episodes as well last night. Just great.
I bought nibbles for the family - I honestly only had a few crisps and skittles - doing cross stitch makes you less picky for fear of stainging the work. But you won't believe how much the gannets put away. For stick thin kids they can sure eat a lot. Stilll I was stick thin at their age (I was still wearing an age 4 tank top at 12) and then puberty struck... Ah well.

Here is one of the layouts I have done over the last few days.
The papers are all American Crafts and all them there flowers are hand cut out. I love those papers, that green is so fresh! the little heart is by Heidi Swapp and the stamp is CatsLife press. The 20 was cut on the craft robo and all the bling is from Hobbycraft.

Then I was a good girl and made TWO cards with the same papers

The round happy is a Banana Frog stamp. I kind of feel sad to have used up some of these fabby papers but it does make a little bit of room for more. Tomorrow I will show you 2 layouts using even older sheets than that!


SueH said...

What a great LO and cards Lythan, they are all so bright and cheery.
Love the new hair do too!

Esther said...

Your hand cutting of those flowers has paid off, a fabulous funky layout with vibrant colours! I know what it is like to have to hand cut things- you have my sympathy! But well worth the effort! Anniversary congrats also!

Lucy Mills said...

As usual, all your cards and pages are gorgeous!

I'm rather obsessed with Doctor Who, I confess. I've not missed an episode since the first of the comeback (with Christopher Eccleston). I get horribly distressed if I think I might miss it, and always OOOOO-eeee-OOOOO along to the theme tune. My husband rolls his eyes - it's ironic as he was initially more excited at the prospect of the new Doctor Who - neither of us realised I would become such an addict!

And Blink WAS a good episode.

I shall go now before I get even more obsessed than normal.