Friday, January 16, 2009

Get someone else to make it

Oh what fun!
Jo set us a fab challenge on Daring Cardmakers this week.

Get someone else to make it!

Any card, any theme and any colour scheme of your choosing - but the catch... some one else must actually make and assemble the card for you... (with your supervision)!

I did think of asking Carys, the boys (well no point asking them really, even though one is doing art gcse), Phil (I dread to think what he would have made. Not that he is unartistic, just norty), the dog, the piggies or the chooks. Hmmm. IN the end Sue helped me out by suggesting a swap. Which was great.
She sent me loads of bits to choose from - I sent a few back. (blush, wish I had been more generous now...). Still I like the cards we made!

I sent Sue some bits from WRMK Nonsense range, some doodlebug rubons and some Poundland gems (see how generous I am? But seriously these teeny weeny nail art gems are brilliant) and a few paper flowers. I must admit I then visualised what a card would be like and then wrote the instructions. And this is what she did - isn't it great?I am hoping to do another card which shows what I visualised but it hasn't happened yet.
Sue sent me lovely Basic Grey two scoops papers and ribbon and tags. I came up with this
I don't think the photo does it justice but that is the best bow I have ever tied. I am so proud. Once I had stuck things down I realised I hadn't done it all right so tried again using Funky Daze papers.I added some fun flock to some of the pattern with a glue pen. It sort of works. The butterfly is a little punch, don't know where I got it but I have had it a long time. Yp, that narrows it down...

Tomorrow we are having our hall floor resurfaced (it is a gorgeous 1930's wood block) so sometime this afternoon we have to move the grandfather clock, the piano, the shoe box, the music cabinet etc etc out of the hall. And tomorrow we have to avoid using the hall for a couple of hours. Yes the hall that kind of joins the whole house together. Now that really is fun.


Hazel said...

You and Sue have come up with great cards for this scary dare! (Don't think I'll get John to do it!). Hope the hall floor resurfacing goes well and isn't too inconvenient. x

Kathy said...

You and Sue made some fantastic cards between you - it's been fascintating to see them as in "normal" life your styles are fabulous, but very different from one another. All the cards you two made just prove how a good cardmaker are able to take on things they might be less "comfortable" with and still come up with the goods

Kath Stewart said...

great idea swapping with someone...won't be able to enter this week...unless I can persuade the dog to take thinks that might be a no.

Keryn Campbell said...

All three cards are gorgeous Lythan. So great work on the design of yours and the construction of Sue's.