Friday, January 09, 2009

I am proud to say

I design for Funky Hand craft backing papers

How excited am I!
It has been one of my secret dreams to join this team. In fact recently many of my crafting dreams have come true, which is just amazing.
I just hope I can do Anice and the team justice!

I am less proud to say I haven't managed my Salt layout for this week yet. It is on it's way and it is rather amusing that it is on (lack of ) self control as if I had pulled my finger out and shown some self control it might be ready to roll now.

I have managed the DCM dare for today (can do a card quicker than a layout see)

'Tis the Recycle!

We'd like you to do your bit for the planet and make a card using some recycled items.

Well although I am Mrs Untidy 1997, I do like to keep on top of things over Christmas. especially with so many dogs around. So all the recycling was gone before the new year. Havering Council let you recycle loads of stuff which is good. Until you remember you neeeed it for a dare. the cards though only came down this week and I managed to rescue them. trouble is with them that we staple them together to hang on the walls ( I know, how fancy are we) so I could only use certain areas of cards. which is why there is not a huge amount of recycling actually on my card.
the original card had 5 presents on it. I cut them down, and down and then decided to turn one of them into a vase!

Here are the details:
Card made with American Crafts cardstock run through the D'vine Swirls Cuttlebug embossing folder (D'vine. I ask you). AC cardstock is American sized which means it fits better into the folders. the cardstock is actually already embossed but I decided to do my own on top.
White card: from the scrap pile cut with nestability die
Glitter card - Doodlebug. This. Is. Lush. expect to see every last scrap of the pack used up on a card near you.
Three Prima flowers and two Auntie Sarah's Bloomers with tiny Anitas gems in the centre. Anita's have brought out gemstone wheels and they are a great idea as you can store lots of bling pretty easily. They are fiddly to stick on but look cute!
Foam alphabet stickers covered in Glitter glue

Sadly, I mangled all the other presents so there won't be any more vases!

And here are the girls
Meet Abbieand Trudy
Have you ever heard the noise a Guinea Pig makes? it is the cutest, cutest sound. I really must try and record it for you.

Back soon!


Kathy said...

Huge congrats of theFumkyHand thing you really deserve this, your work is always so inspiring Great card Lythan - thats such a good idea for making a posh vase or pot.
the piggies look so cute!

Nickynoo said...

Fab news, well done Lythan! Clever card and gorgeous guineas xx

Carol Ann said...

Congratulations Lythan, looking forward to seeing your cards xx

Jozza said...

Yay fellow Funkyhander! I'm so glad you have joined us :o)

Like you many of my craft dreams have come true in the last year. I feel so lucky. Your recycled card is fab. Love the brightness of it but I did have a little giggle like you when I saw we had both picked the same embossing folder! D'oh

Your new guinea pigs are gorgeous and I love the noise they make. Sooo cute. x

Julie M said...

Congratulations on making the FunkyHand DT - hope you have lots of fun and not too much pressure with them!!! LOL!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - I'm hoping to keep up the dares in 2009!! Julie x

P.S. Love your bright cheery card this week.

Net said...

Well done Lythan!

I'm totally loving the piggies too!

Sue said...

FAB well done huge congratulation xx


Tip Top said...

Welcome to the FH madhouse!!

Anice said...

Welcome to the Design's weird that you wanted to I never thought you would be interested and you've fulfilled one of my dreams to have you on my team!!

Great challenge card as always and those little Guinea pigs look so cute.
Anice xx

Judy said...

What a bright cheerful card, Lythan!

Kath Stewart said...

great take on the challenge Lythan and love your recycling and how cute is your GP....sweet

SueH said...

So much good news Lythan !…….now where to start……..

Well, first and foremost, congratulations on joining the Funky Hand design team. It’s so well deserved and I know you will be an asset to them.

A big welcome to your ‘new girls’. They look so cute and I can’t wait to meet them. Have you managed a cuddle yet?

And last but not least I love your that sweet little vase on your DCM card. The colours are so bright and you’ve managed to match the card stock so well.