Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bread of heaven, bread of heaven

Have I mentioned chuckling at Michael Macintyre on tv when he went on stage at the Swansea Gran and sang those lines and lifted up his arms and the whole audience sang the rest? in harmony too. Still makes me smile! I have just taken a wonderful funeral service. So many are sad for so many different reasons but this one was amazing. It was for a Welsh retired teacher. Now in Essex in the 40's and 50's they sent coaches to South Wales which came back full of newly qualifed teachers. I kid you not. Some schools only had one English born teacher.
So the crematorium was filled with good Welsh voices. The lady who died was related to Clive Rowlands the rugby player who rather outshone me in the address - but in a good way! ALthough the death was a great shock the greatest emotions there - and we were all very emotional (Welsh, see) were love and laughter. What a tribute. And "bread of heaven" was amazing.

I just about managed a Welsh blessing with a bit of coaching from my Da. the hardest bit was yng ngwybodaeth
yng sounds like the "ung" of "rung" and the words run together to make ung-wee-bod-eye-th (soft th) which means "in the knowledge"
I won't even try and tell you how to say "hollalluog"which means Almighty...

It is Twisted Sketch day today and I am Guest Designer. I know! How cool is that!

Here is Anam's great sketch. The twist is use at least one Stamp - it can be any sort of Stamp in any way, shape or form.
and this is what I did.
The papers are October Afternoon Night Light. I hav just about finished scrapping our birthday now which is good as that stripy shirt kind of takes over the colour choices! I knew from the swirl shape on the sketch that I would have to get out my ENORMOUS Fancy Pants swirl. It meant I had to move the title though. I cut the top photo into two so you can see the details of lil C's face and the cake. I also used another Fancy Pants stamp to make the border and my beloved Tall Timbers stamps for the "cake". Oooh and I nearly forgot the Heidi Swapp crown - 4 stamps! that one had glitter pen over the top for extra bling. Some sassafrass chipboard and adornit letters and that is that.
It was blummin' hard to photograph though as the camera doesn't know what to focus on.
Here is a close up of the title
and even then it is hard to read "13 is not too old for cake"
neither is 44...

4 comments: said...

Love it, fab colour combo :) .... and just to confirm, NO AGE is too old for cake LOL.

Vanessa said...

Hey there!
Congrats on being the guest your layout..the colors are fantastic :-)

Kathy said...

ooooh Congrats on the GC spot, Lythan - mind you, your stuff is so fab that it's no real surprise! Love your LO, everything about it looks fab.
I still find stamps way too scary and always get in a panic if I need to use them

tiggertastic said...

love this scrap book page, amazing work and fab photos to,

Sarah x