Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm (almost) all alone

subtitle: why would you want to send anyone a card with a potato on it?

1 week down in no children land. Not pining so much now but still deep sighs from both of us. Its quite ridiculous really as by 2014 they will all be at University and there will be just us left at home. But there you go. We love 'em!

We did a bit of spring cleaning on Monday. I managed to break the mop (apparently you shouldn't use very hot water as it melts the glue on the mop head. I have NEVER heard this in almy life). In the evening we celebrated with a trip to see Harry Potter. We went to the adults only screening (snigger). The bloke at the desk said "s'just more spensive innit" but there weren't any teenagers or rowdy kids. Don't know if it was worth it. At one point before the film started I thought we would have to move seats (despite having been there FIRST because I am insitent on leaving plenty of time to get there and buy tickets. And watch the adverts 20 times before the Pearl and Dean dance and the trailers) becasue a group of women came and sat right behind us (almost empty cinema) and talked Very Loudly through all the adverts. They didn't even do the Pearl and Dean dance. (mind you PHil refused too, he is no fun) I did enjoy the film and my secret bizarre crush was as seething as usual (guess who it is!)

I've also been doing those quick makes I said I would. I was on duty at the Contact Centre on Saturday so took punches, paper and ink and got lots of little bits ready to put on cards, which are gradually being made. And my first BG pad is nearly used up!!!!
WHile I was taking a class at Imagine That last week I was able to copy some card ideas. Normally I can't but there was only one person in the class and it is a wee bit disconcerting to have someone stare all the time. So I flicked through Cards. Here is a sketch idea I copied - simple and yet versatile
(the photo looks blurred to me - try clicking on a close up and it should be in focus)
Boxer and Urban Prarie papers, Imagine That stamps, Hobbycraft twine and Docrafts ribbon.
The next is a CASE too (don't know what it stands for but means I copied a card idea!)
another quick and easy one using my retro flower punch - best flower punch ever in my opinion!
one using my Martha Stewart 3 butterfly punch
and finally one using the scraps from my Docrafts layout. And a stamped image sent in a funky hand swapactually the backing paper is nearer pink than this - it doesn't go together half as well in real life! This is the card that led to Phil's comment
why would you want to send anyone a card with a potato on it?

I've made about 24 cards now so the birthday box is looking healthier!

Talking of Funky Hand we are all counting down the days to the launch of the first Get Funky Challenge Blog challenge. Don't forget to pop over to Get Funky for your free download


Vicky said...

Fabby cards Lythan, love them all! Just might have to have that retro flower punch....I prefer flowers with 5 petals (weird I know).

Anice said...

Hey Phil is right..that angel does look like a potato, it's my stamp and he's hit the nail right on the head..I've been wondering about it for a while!! Fantastic set of card designs as always and like Dolly I think I 'need' that flower punch as well!!
Anice xx

Rachel said...

Nice to hear the box is filling up. CASE - Copy and Share Everything....


Milliesmarvels said...

These are all lovely, I just love your style! The colours you use all combine so well and look so fresh and different to everything else out there. I love the Butterfly punch!

Paula said...

Wow what a lovely lot of cards! LOL at potato head.
P.S. I'm guessing Alan Rickman. I love HP films, they are full of ginger people ;-)

Steph said...

Great cards - I love cards with a group of shapes on them - great job. x

Tracie said...

tell Phil that its cos potatoes need love too!

And the mop thing is just silly, I always use boiling water (dries quicker less chance of childrens footprints in it!) but thinking about it my mops never last very long......

Lovng the cards as usual. xx

having a {me} day said...

What a fab set of cards and all the better that they were quick to do. You made great use of the punches. katxx

SueH said...

Aww Lythan, I know this time of year is always difficult for you, while the kids are away so may be we can get together and play one day soon to help take your mind off it.

I love all your ‘quick’ cards.
I think I may have to CASE a few of them myself!

Julie M said...

Brilliant cards, Lythan - and so many - that's two months work for me!!! I love your squiggly doodling on the "potato-head" one - and very clever use of the tiny bits of BG (I save every little piece too - and until now had no idea what to do with them!)


P.S. I'm guessing Snape (but then he's my secret bizarre crush too!)

Tip Top said...

Nah - no potato.

Erm, is it the one dressed in black all the time (narrows it down a bit eh?) - Allan Rickman or the character he plays?

Not actually watched one all the way through - seen them all, in wrong order and not all the way through each time..... no hope is there?!

Traceyr said...

Thanks Lythan for the inspiration. I have used your circle idea for some cards I have just made. They are on my blog.

Hope you don't mind. :)