Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another day another post

Surely its a record!
Only got some of the jobs on my list done - the important ones!
BUT I did fit in a trip to Artbase because my little xyron runner had, well, run out.
So I bought two of those
2 square punches (I think I now have them all - but I do use them a lot)
two sheets of black bazzill
and a cropodile.

I wish I could resist gadgets but it does cut through acrylic which will help with tarted up clipboards and resued old cd's. I'm not allowed to use it until all the chickens are made. (29 made, well 30 but one had to be thrown out due to scary eyes).
I have vowed not to do any more crafty spending until next payday. It was payday yesterday...

I decided to try using the refill without putting it back in the machine and it works a treat - you can fit far more in and there is a whole lot less wastage.

I've had a few brain swelling meetings today so tonight will be spent on more chickens. Oh life is so exciting!
As it's not so warm today - a photo of my baby over the summer. She already looks so much older


Saffa said...

OOh Lythan what a stunning piccy!!

Loving it to pieces!!


P.S I am noe th proud owner of LillyKate and Romani BG papers.WHOOOOOO

Jane said...

what a great piccy Lythan. Love the scrap page on the other post too- really cool. Wot a talented lady you is !