Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So why blog?

That is the rhetorical question that NZ Jane asked on hers yesterday and it got me thinking.
I've come up with a few reasons why I blog
  • It's better than keeping a diary
  • I like to write stuff. I like to see the way that I write in a blog cos it entertains me.
  • I like to find out the trivia of other people's lives and am willing to put at elast some of mine on show.
  • Although I don't talk about my faith too much it's a place where I hope that I can share that Christians are (fairly) normal people
  • I can archive photos and craft stuff on here in case my hard drive dies. (Mine did last year. Do YOU back up regularly?)
  • I love getting feedback from people about what I write (though not many do, hint, hint)

Back to the hols, lets see if blogger will play

Wet picnic with Murray monumint sticking out of my head

Wet people at the top.

One of the fun things we did was go to a farm to make ice cream. Actually we can do this at home wit our ice cream maker but haven't done much. Note to self. Make ice cream.

It was good fun and the kids enjoyed wearing their hats...

They made some 'delicious' ice-cream. Lots of honey, raisins and meringue. Fillings hurt just to think about it!

There was also lots of fun wooden things to play on. I love this picture of Phil

Kids are now back to school (hurray!) Not that I'm glad to see the back of them, it's that there is a better sense of routine now. we had a family meeting last night (we try and have one every Tuesday during term time) and we were very impressed about their grown up answers and solutions to problems. we didn't quite crack world peace but had good suggestions for non crisp items in lunch boxes....


Sue said...

I am loving the family meeting idea

Jane said...

Good post Lythan. Love the photos. what was the non crisp solution ? lol!

Lythan said...

non crisps include
carrot batons
home made fruit cake
nothing mind blowing except for us to see the kids suggesting fruit and veg!

Oblibby said...

Great photos as always, Lythan.

Kathy said...

Great blog entry, Lythan - since starting on this blog stuff I've really enjoyed keeping in touch with my blogmates - I've also enjoyed "meeting" some new ones from around the world.

Speaking of which - one of my new blogmates tagged me - so I'm tagging you! Check my blog for info......

Kelly K said...

Why blog? Er, what you said! (Without the Christian bit though.. ;-) ) I wanna make ice cweam now!!!!

The Amazing Nevard said...

My ice cream was the best, obviously.

Honey + Honeycomb + Meringue = Pure Genius.