Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yes it's september

September is the busiest month of the year for me work wise.
All the organisations that didn't meet over the summer meet in September for a catch up.
I'm also working every Saturday and have really full Sundays all month. 30th September is my first non work saturday so we are going to do something family wise together. I did think of going to Ally pally for a Stamp and Crafting show but thought I probably ought to put family and wallet first.

wallet is feeling a little weak after I splurged on the new Basic Grey collections. I just love their collections because - well, everything goes together so nicely! (duh) and it makes putting patterns together a breeze. It also mean I have to use stuff I wouldn't necessarily and that helps my creativity (such as it is). I also ordered some top ups of the colour me silly range - actually mostly the plain ones as they help to make brilliant backgrounds for chicken cards. I ahve a few Qk chicken dies now and Phil has sent some of my cards off to Omlet to see if they would like to stock them in their online shop. I don't know whether I want them to say yes or no!

Next crafty spend will be a cropodile becacause it cuts through acrylic so next time i want to make a tarted up clipboard I can put holes in it. Hhhmmmm probably ought to do some of these for the church fair in November. We are having a Pirates theme.
Why are pirates called pirates?
Because they aaaaar!

Monday I had some lovely crafting time making a board book for my godson Ben. OK so his birthday was the end of August and this is a leetle late. But hey, he's one and won't notice. I'm going to finish it I hope this Monday. Will photograph the pages too.

Every post needs a piccy so
THAT is what I think of September


Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Cor what a busy time ahead Lythan - enjoy 30th Sept - you will certainly be needing some me time!!! I've had my eye on the Crop-a-Dial as well - it looks a snazzy little tool :-)

Jane said...

he he love the photo Lythan. you do crack me up!