Monday, September 18, 2006

Just don't say ANYTHING!

because I am likely to shout at you. Nothing personal just a touch of pmt coupled with having to tidy the house rather than craft, plus not getting enough sleep lately (own fault) plus a tactless e-mail to do with work stuff that has me seething and sad all at the same time when really I should just GET OVER IT.
So be warned...

And I have loads of things to be thankful for.
  • Rather than meeting up with Carolyn's in Birmingham I managed to arrange the Church's first weekend of prayer which went really well. We did all sorts of things we don't normally do and I was overwhelmed by the positive reaction (until the e-mail, no don't dwell on it Lyth).
  • I can now walk round my bedroom without tripping over anything and redicovered my birthday chocolate orange which got hidden (birthday June. Blush)
  • Movie night tonight. Every other Monday we get take away and rent a film. I haeve loads of blockbuster vouchers thanks to Tesco's yay! But our local blockbuster just closed. Booo. Still its a simple and good thing for us to do together. We watched Millions. Oh what a fabulous film! Its 12a but I would say pg as no swearing, a couple of shots of ladies in bras and a St smoking a ciggie but that was all. Two brothers find a bag of money - a gift from God - and set about trying to help the poor with the assistance of some saints. They only have a few days to go as pounds are about to be taken over by euros. Oh its no good i can't do justice to it. You'll just have to watch it and if you like reading this blog you will probably like the film!
  • I met up with our training officer to discuss doing an MA next year and think I may be mad enough to try (not just in a year though...)

Hope you can count your blessings today too

Here are 3 more of mine. Don't they always look so lovely asleep?

Probably because it's the only time they can't answer back...


Jane said...

oh Lythan what a fab photo !! need to scrap that ! PMT joke.....'why does it take 3 women with PMT to change a light bulb ?'

lol ! eat chocolate and buy paper....thats my cure !

The Amazing Nevard said...

I tihnk millions is one of the best films we've had on movie nights

Jo said...

Millions is a fantastic film, and that is a fabby photo :) Hope you are feeling better...

Kathy said...

woowoo just dropping by to say "Hello"

Hope you're finding your way through the maze of buzy-ness by now.