Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bind Them Together

Well by now Wayne and Tracie will be spliced. Aw! I hope they had a wonderful day. And Rh is back from her honeymoon. And I know she had a wonderful day cos I have seen the photies!
It also means I can show what I have been doing with my Bind It All. There were mistakes with both but I won't tell you what they are!
I made little books for them with the words of the wedding vows printed on acetate and my reflections on them underneath (you can turn the acetate over to see more clearly). Matt and Rhi's was made using the July SA kit and Wayne and Tracie's using Basic Grey Perhaps.
Here are some sample pages to give the idea

I'm thinking up loads more things to use the Bind It All for now. I can see lots of notebooks for family and church fair on the way!

I had a fun afternoon at Imagine That helping Emma and the crew with classes for the next quarter. There are some great ideas and loads of talented people there ready to create samples and teach classes. I also got to drool over what is on order!

We had some friends over to watch footie (well I watched Justin Timberlake on Youtube doing Saturday Night Live - there are some very, very, funny things - especially his duet with Kermit and the Christmas Box song (which should NOT be played with children around)) plus pizza and Bowling on the Wii. Finishing up with Casualty being back - hurray! I don't know why I love it as I am really squeamish but we all enjoy playing guess the accident.

Busy day tomorrow with one service, a meeting, a rehearsal and a concert! I hope your Sunday is good with a chance to pause for rest and reflection at least at some point!


Paula J Atkinson said...

These are stunning. Gorgeous papers & embellies.

I fancy one of these tools because I have seen some fab stuff made with them, but money is an issue right now, bills coming up & crimble too close for comfort!!!

Sheri said...

hey i just ordered a bind it all... I can't wait for it to come! i love your books.... gorgeous! and anything dealing with justin timberlake i'll watch anytime!

mum-on-the-run said...

I really want a Bind It All and you're not really helping me resist!! Love the mini book Lythan, can't wait to see more!!