Wednesday, September 26, 2007


that is the sound of my jaw dropping tonight as I was given my first lot of MA homework ready for Tuesday. I have been at my induction course in Cambridge tonight and now I know that I am definitely mad! It will be good fun - but a lot of reading. I decided to do this as I feel the need to stretch my mind. Consider it well stretched. And if I am even quieter between now and Tuesday you know why.
So I am now a fully signed up student in the Cambridge Theological Federation and the Anglia Ruskin University on the MA in Pastoral Studies course.
Which also means .... I get a student card.... student discounts in shops :) Suddenly it is all worthwhile.
This week has been rather hectic. I did have a lovely crafty day on Monday, but then no time to post what I have done. Actually some of it I couldn't reveal anyway but this layout I could
Its a Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy reference where the absolute answer to life the universe and everything turns out to be 42 - my age! All the paper is Scenic Route Laurel and I used those lovely dabber paints. The colours are just brilliant. Phil suggested the addition of the wing on the bird and I think he was quite right
It was a bit of muck about fun really.
It is Salt reveal day tomorrow so amid the study I will be back at some point to show off another card... or layout... or... you'll have to wait and see!

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SueH said...

So Phil’s into scrapping now!!!
I guess this means there’ll be less room at the table for me when we have our next craft day.

I love the LO Lythan, yours are always so bright and cheery.

Good luck with the studies.