Saturday, September 22, 2007

Imagine it is Friday

as I didn't have time to blog then. I spent the day in Abingdon doing some very useful work with my friends Ruth and Rachel. Then I had the joy of the M25 at rush hour which gave me 15 minutes at home before choir, after which I was too tired. And I should have been out all morning at Contact Centre but I wasn't needed so here I am.

Daring Cards has another fabby guest designer at the moment - Rachel B. But also a toughie of a dare from Gillian - the eclectic queen.

.........and make a GORGEOUS card from what you find.
You'll be amazed at the special little treasures you'll find if you only take the time to look with CREATIVE EYES

I have to hold my hands up and say that this is a slight cheat as I did not go to the charity shop. I took a t shirt off the pile that was destined for the charity shop. There are some more flowers and a butterfly that will appear on cards and layouts soon...

I cut a half circle out of the card to make it stand up - and then covered it over so I needn't have bothered! I used my scallop punch and cut a smaller white circle with my new compass cutter. And my other pinches to make the little flower. The papers are all Lily Kate by BG

The rest of my day is rather work flavoured but I am hoping to make some notebooks with Carys and the Bind It All later on!

Thanks for all the comments re the last post. I am still on cloud 9!


Hazel said...

That's a pretty card. I know what you mean about cutting the hole and then covering over - that's the kind of thing I do! Have fun later with Carys and the Bind it all (still thinking whether to get one of these).

Dollydimps said...

hahahaha! I was wondering if I could raid the charity pile for this dare! I'll take that as a yes seeing as one of the Dare team has!
I really like this card Lythan-the colours work together so well, and all the little details pull together beautifully

Andrea, said...

Very pretty card

Deb said...

Such a pretty card, I am always eyeing up my daughters pretty clothes waiting for the day I can take some scissors to them! I am the same with any garment with gorgeous buttons on!

Paula J Atkinson said...

You know I never really took to them papers in the packet but you manage to make them look extremely yummy!!

Fabulous design.

Rhi said...

So pretty Lythan, I love the attention to detail and soft colours you've used.

Sarah said...

Lovely feminine card Lythan. Huge congrats on being published, very well deserved!

Barb Conroy said...

Such a cute card Lynthan, my fave colours .. purple and pink!
Barb C

SueH said...

That's a really cute card Lythan. I love the pastle lavender and pink together

Kathy said...

fab card, and can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the stuff you saved from the charity pile!

Love these soft and pretty colours

Anonymous said...

Fab card, very pretty and congrats on being published.:)