Sunday, September 02, 2007

1st holiday page

And it took forever to do...
I finished it about midnight Friday night and went to show it to Phil. He couldn't read the word "addicted" so I had a major strop. He can now read it so I think I shall leave it as is. Otherwise I shall have to put in little arrows to show how the word goes
I used the same Scenic Route of papers as I did for the Water layout. I just love them! The paper comes with the large arrow and small bottom right ones already on them. I cut out the right hand side one and also brightened the colours slightly with gel and sharpie pens.
Chipbaord is Scenic Route and Lisa Bearnson (QVC) covered in black embossing powder.
Orange circles and the "2" are chipboard painted with a Dabber and covered in UTEE. Lots of outlining and inking.
I've decided not to worry that I do that all the time at the moment! I am trying to find lots of different ways to outline though. Some parts are lifted up with foam pads.

and to save your eyes, here is most of the journalling

The kids had a sleepover in the sitting room on Friday night. I think they are so sweet the way they still enjoy each others company so much!
I have a service this evening to finish getting ready for (yes, this is sermon avoidance!). Then I want to go for a walk as a health/lose weight kick. And if there is time this has to be turned into a silk purse...

I'm listening to ELO as I type. I used to find them naff but after listening to Chris Evans for a while and watching Dr Who the other night (Marc Warren and David Tennant in one episode. Mmm) I have rediscovered them! We also have to watch the last of the Dr Who boxed set tonight. Its been a load of fun!


Samm said...

This is a great LO, the WII is like pringles, once you pop, you can't stop!!!


The Cryer Family said...

Brilliant layout!

Hazel said...

Love the LO - 'addicted' looks fine to me - leave it be!

SueH said...

I've now seen this LO in the flesh so to speak and it's even better in real life.

Really amazing Lythan.

Kathy said...

Great LO Lythan, I'm not surprised you had a strop - men, eh?!
The photos are fab, you look so totally engrossed!

Oh, and you should see my mess atm - must at least get all the stash boxes off the floor before Himself gets home!

Sadie said...

What a great idea for a scrap book page.