Friday, October 19, 2007

Chock a block

that's how life is still round here! I actually have a week off next week but what with teaching at Imagine That, opticians for 3 kids, hairdressers (for me and by me), MA coursework and a funeral in the first 3 days it seems to whizz by. (A funeral in my holidays? That, my friends is why we normally go away for the whole of the hols. You don't feel the need to say yes if you are going to be 100's of miles away) After that we go to Germany with the choir - so I can't complain. Has never stopped me though. Here are the edited highlights of this week:
Monday - house work then heading to Cambridge for Study skills. Stayed overnight with Neillybabes and his family. Neil is now a Tutor at the URC Ministerial training college and we were at college together. Haven't seen his wife Jenny for years and years and we had fun catching up!
Tuesday - reading for the course, chatting with another college friend and doing an MA seminar. Realised that it is not enough to read the papers once through - especially if it is early in the week before. Got given homework. Bah! Got to craft in the evening - but only time for the DCM card for this week.
Wednesday/Thursday work, work, work. Goes like that sometimes, especially this time of year. Meetings, assemblies, meetings, prayers and meetings. Which is why holiday time is precious. Thursday also entailed looking at a 6th form college for Hywel. (Eeek) I think he liked it. He will probably do Double ICT, Design and Technology and Maths. If he does DandT at A2 level as well then he has to make a flat pack furniture project. I am thinking purpose built craft cupboard myself. Then a late night emergency card make - see further down for the results!

Today is a big day for us Daring Cardmakers. We have now been doing this for a year. What a wonderful, amazing, creative year it has been. With two marriages and 3 pregnancies along the way. Friendships old and new have developed and strengthened and my small brain has been forced to try all sorts of things (I have almost stopped sulking about the purple holey Christmas card). Our first card was about Friends so it is only right that as we come full circle the title of our Birthday dare should be
Our Amazing Circle Of Friends
and we'd like you to incorporate at least one circle into your card.

Simple eh?
I started singing the Andrew Gold song "thank you for being my friend" to myself and decided that was my theme tune for the card. I used a song for one of my first cards too - look.
Anyway here is this weeks. I thought it would be interesting to see how my style has developed. I have decided... not much! I even used the same font! (UPDATE: Journalling Hand is its name!)
The flower is BIG. AS you can see it outgrows the card - but doesn't topple over! The papers are all Sassafrass Lass I believe, from a summertime SA kit. I bought extras of these papers as I love 'em. I hand cut circles but the flower petals are punched. Then I went round every single detail on the papers with black pen as well as the usual inking and lining.
I think it really makes the patterns stand out.

Tonight we have our choir anniversary concert (big day for anniversaries). The choir has been going for 40 years - with the same conductor! I was asked yesterday to make him a card. Ulp! It is A5 size to allow room for everyone to sign it. Again I used an SA kit.

I was told what words to use
Lots of layering and krylon pen then triple embossing on the chipboard letters.

the notes are a cuttlebug die. When it is Christmas I will be able to cut it out with chipboard. But I have a while yet so I layered several die cuts on card and UTEE'd them.
They could almost be metal couldn't they?

Today consists of service prep and tidying out the guest room (still full of Carys' bits) as my Brother in Law and nephew are coming to stay overnight. We, of course, will be out! Phil, Martin, Jack and Carys are going to watch the Arsenal/Bolton game. I get to do gardening at church with a barn dance in the evening. Fun, fun, fun!


Nick said...

Gorgeous cards Lythan-I love that font, can ask what its called please?

Paula J Atkinson said...

Beautiful cards. Gorgeous colours & styles.

Kathy said...

Oh wow Lythan, it wears me out just reading about all the things you have to fit into your week!

I just love your flower card, it blew me away when I first saw it and I'm still looking at it in awe, just wonderful
And so is that card for Tom, the letters look amazing and all that layering is really effective.

Lynne said...

Lythan - I'm exhausted just reading your post - you've been so busy.

Ive been singing the Golden Girls song for days - it must of been you that put it there ... lol

Beautiful cards.

Samm said...

Wow Lythan! you have been busy! you sound like you deserve a well earned break. Love you cards! fab!


Scripture by Design said...

Great card Lythan. Love the detail.

Dawn Wheeler said...

Wow stuning card,s i love the papers you used for your friend card,Dawnx said...

Love those cards - just gorgeous! Hope you get a chance to relax soon:-)

Hazel said...

You certainly are busy, Lythan. And as usual, fab cards that you've shown - love the one for Tom - yes, the notes look almost like metal. Despite the busy-ness that still exists next week, enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Andrea, said...

Fantastic cards

Saffa said...

Ok well first of all you have to be one of the busiest people I know who still has time to do stuff..if that makes any sense! Second I adore your card! I think the flower is soooooo COOL!

Thanks for being a wonderful friend..

stamp and scrape said...

Love the hand doodling on your card - I appreciated the closeup.
Congrats for your choir - lots to celebrate at the moment!

Nickynoo said...

Finally got meself a Google account so can now comment on your blog! Your flower card is simply gorgeous, I love it. I love that paper, too :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Lythan, what absolutely gorgeous cards.:) And you've been soooo busy!

Lynne said...

Checkout my blog Lythan - you've got an award.

Marlou McAlees said...

beautiful cards, my fave being the latest sketch its just stunning design :)

Keryn Campbell said...

Gorgeous cards Lythan. I'm impressed that you managed to fit in time to make them. You must have your priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

i can't make cards for toffee! your stuff is lush, especially as you sound soo busy!

Rhi said...

Wow Lythan, what a week! It's been ana amazing year in DCM, thanks for being there for me and being such a fab friend as well as a creative inspiration.

Your cards always make me smile.

Rhi x

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Lovely has ever Lythan your cards .

Andrea xx

Unknown said...

wow! I just love your cards

Jo said...

whoa missus! You are just so busy, I hope that you are not too tired at the end of your 'week off'!!

Thank you for being a fantastic friend this year, you are such an amazing person and also a very super talented card maker and scrapper :)


Jo xx

Natty said...

Fantastic cards Lythan! I just loved your huuuuge stonking flower - will you ever find an envelope big enough eh?? hehe

Sarah said...

Gorgeous cards Lythan!

Angelnorth said...

Happy Brithday to you and the other DCM girls! Fab cards here, love the circle one and those notes/letters with the UTEE look incredible!

Deb said...

Wow, what fabulous cards, I love your last year's card but this year's friends card is amazing! Love your little Utee'd notes too, very clever!