Sunday, October 14, 2007

first there was Saturday

I spent the morning getting the pool filled for our first adult baptism at my Heaton Way Church (see next post for more details). In the afternoon we went out as a family for a walk. We don't do this often enough really.
It was a gorgeous day.

we went to a local woods. Well it will be woods when the trees grow...

We climbed this fantastic wooden structure.

From wherever you are you can see the M25 round here

I snapped Hywel's hair - colour this nice shouldn't be allowed on a boy I reckon.

The wood is obviously ladybird friendly as I have never seen so many - and some were quite strange.

We passed this lovely tree
and indulged in a bit of art a la Andy Goldsworthy. Well not quite!

I saw this and thought of... well you can guess who!

I made some cards last night for the baptism and a first birthday - but forgot to photograph them. Doh!


Hazel said...

Lol!!! I've just seen my name! Great photos, Lythan

SueH said...

What fantastic photos Lythan and I love the ikkle birdy....soooo cute!

Hazel said...

I've given you a 'you make me smile' award - details on my blog

Paula said...

Love Hywels hair - I agree with you - same goes for my Steve's hair. I want our future daughters to inherit it.