Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I hate weeks like this when I have been busy crafting - but usually at the last minute when I forget to take photos. or I haven't finished the thing to show you.

Sunday I was tearing my hair out trying to make a never ending card. I was teaching it on Monday and wanted to get it right. But was failing. However when I went to check at Imagine That I did have the principle right. Its just that there is a moment in the middle where it just seems wrong. Actually it is jolly simple but so effective. I am going to make one for my mother in law's birthday but as she is staying with us now that is a job for next week. Gah!

Emma told me the plans for the 1st birthday weekend. A super scrapper is coming on the Saturday. I would so love to do a class with her but it is my church fair which would be a sacking offence to miss! Gah!Next day I am pretty busy too but I'm determined to be there for some of it as the shop has made such a difference to my life (and my wallet!)

I had entered Best of British newcomer category but didn't win. Sob! I have seen the work of one of the two winners (CloClo on UKS) and she is far more talented than me! Gah! SO I have decided that I came 3rd (see last year there were three and this year only two so stands to reason it was me. Well that is what I am telling myself anyway) and am also crowned Best of 216 Corbets Tey Road. The prize wasn't quite as big as for BOB but I did win a new paper storage case, some Piggy Tales papers, some paint dabbers and brads! Go me.

I can show you the card I made for MiL after she saw the card I made for my friends granddaughter, which is a copy of a card i have shown on here before. I'm using up my Piggy Tales paper which I love, but you can't keep forever!
the red looking mini beads are actually shocking pink I promise you
And those little flowers may have been added to hide some stray ink from my fingers but I couldn't possibly comment...

while taking the photos I took a quick snap of Lord Byron aka Hywel sitting at the computer (where else)

He is really starting to look older now. Well I suppose he is 15!
And finally here is a photo of me doing a solo at last week's concert.
I said "I look really old"
Phil said "I think you look like an angel"
awwww - think that is a moment to be scrapped. Hence me writing it here before I forget.

We are off to Germany for 4 days with the choir in the morning so auf wiedersehn!


Paula J Atkinson said...

Gorgeous card. Sorry about BOB newcomer!
Isn't he turning into a very handsome young man.

Samm said...

Fabby card Lythan! love it!


Keryn Campbell said...

Gorgeous card Lythan. You look way too young to have a 15 year old son. Remember we're the same age and mine is only 7.

Karen L said...

What a stunning Card - just gorgeous.

Kathy said...

Great posting Lythan, still keeping busy then, eh? hehe
That card is just delicious, what a fabby flower you made. Glad someone else needs the flower method of camouflage too/

I think it's the halo which gives you the look of an angel, albeit a slightly green tinged one with a running man reflected in it

Hazel said...

What a stunning card, Lythan. Love the angelic photo!

The Cryer Family said...

What a totally scrumptious card!!!