Sunday, October 07, 2007

Squeezing you in

between tv shows! I'm not a big tv watcher any more - tend to craft instead! I watch Holby City, Casualty, Heroes during the week. But come Sunday night it is tv heaven. Top Gear is back. Sadly, Richard Hammond seems to have lost his allure. I think it is his highlights. But I still love the non pc banter and the manly smell of the programme. Then it is Drop Dead Gorgeous foolwed by a 20 minute break before Medium. DDG is just the best observed funniest (and possibly rudest) show on at the moment. The kids come down for Sunday night nit combing (yes my life is that glamorous) while it is on and we have to keep coughing over the swearing. (because obviously they do not know any swear words themselves). (I would cough over the sexual innuendo but it makes me laugh). (I know I am a Minister and ought to know better but a: God made us to have sex as a part of life and b: I am a rude Minister and I don't know better).
Medium is a big pile of hokum - but I enjoy its cheesiness and Joe is quite a draw too. (Plus if you watch it - does Alison keep her underwear on under her pj's? Surely a woman shouldn't be that perky after 3 children?)

Right just 10 minutes left to share a bad photo of a layout I finally finished today after starting it ages ago.
I thought the Love Elsie paper went well with Carys' top. I made more flowers out of the paper and added some cream card stock which also made the frame and journalling spot. Craft robo lettering and just a few Roxie stickers in the corner. The flowers are layered up but I didn't get an in focus close up! One day I will manage it.

OK must go - Medium awaits! I'm meeting Kathy B for lunch tomorrow before doing Study Skills at Cambridge in the afternoon. Should be fun (Kathy rather than study skills!)


Hazel said...

That is a fab LO - lovely photo of Carys. You crack me up with your comments about the TV shows! Have a good day tomorrow - especially the get together with Kathy.

Saffa said...

OOOh fab fab LO. I son't really know any ministers but if I did I reackon you'd still be the

On another note I WANT A ROBO:(

BondGirl said...

oooh you watch the same programs as me (apart from DDG). I know what you mean about Richard hammond. I have just finished his book about his recovery and its very sad. He seems more frail now?

Also on the medium front - 3 kids that close in age, she MUST keep her underwear on under them pj's cos no-one is naturally that perky.

Sounds like you are ready for a good day - have fun!!

Rachel said...

I like Medium too - although not so organised as to plan to watch it!!! Ugly Betty is back though - now that is a big pile of errrr but fun!!! Now that - ROLE ON WED see I even know what night it is on! Amazing - and if I miss that then there is Friday and if that then there is Sunday - so now you know why I can watch it cos if I am unorganised I can catch it later and even I am not so unorganised I mis it three times - still with me

Rachel said...

In fact its on twice on Sun so I can even watch TG and then UB!


pmk said...

I agree that there's definitely something not right with Richard Hammond's hair! I thought it was the length of it that made him look older but I'm not sure!?!