Friday, October 05, 2007

It is Friday again now!

I haven't had such a craftless week for ages. I feel all peculiar. I have decided that October is the new September in terms of all the meetings and things I have to go to. Which leaves me too tired for any late night craftiness. I did make some little notebooks with the Bind it all - and finished one off with ribbons for Carys' friend. But apart from the Daring card this week that is it. Waaaaaaaah!
And it will be more of the same for a while. Ah well.

But I did manage the Dare.
I can't believe we are nearly a year old now! It is good to see all the new dare and challenge blogs springing up - all slightly different and all helping people use their creativity (I even started one myself - Salt!). I would never dream of comparing them - what is the point? They are all good! But I do like to think that, in terms of card making - we were the first! (And if we weren't let me know and I will eat humble pie).
I'm never really sure why I was picked for the team - I don't like to ask! but it has helped my cardmaking skills to grow (even if I still put a stripe across the middle of most of them and use white square cards!)
Which is why I will forgive Jane our founder member - this one!

Hello Happy Darers !!! It's Jane here ! It's my turn to dare again .........and I'm still on the postal theme ......yep thats right - I want you to design a post card which can actually be sent- and whats more I want you to actually post it! Aren't I mean ? Honestly, its not as bad as it sounds-

er, yes it is Jane!
Actually I quite enjoyed it and it meant that I used some of the postcard cards from an ancient Self Addressed kit (July 2006). I had some of the papers left too which is good as Jenn at SA is excellent at matching patterns and cardstock. I can't remember who made the papers though
I made the mistake of not photographing this yesterday (early sunset keeps catching me out!) so I struggled with the morning sun. I'm not complaining about the sun AT ALL just that it is a bit cold looking.
I used some Banana Frog swirl stamps (one of which broke!). I could have stuck down the top postcard onto the back and then stamped it but no - I had to stamp and line up (doh). that was done with old photo distress ink (also used around the outside of everything, natch)
then we have the ubiquitous stripe across the middle, punching, Purple Onion letter stamps (two sets) using Stazon, lots of doodling and then - but you can't see it - lots of shininess thanks to a clear Sakura Glaze pen.

Lots more work this weekend (sob) and when I am not doing that I ought to be sorting out all the stuff that was in Carys' room and putting washing away. But the craft room is calling my name!

In other news...
Phil took this lovely photo of a passion flower on our fence yesterday. Usually there are loads but they have been few and far between this year. It is actually our neighbour who grows them but we get to share in the glory as they climb over the fence

And here is Windle Poons enjoying a stretch - something she could never do in her battery farm cage
You can see where all her feathers are missing - but she is getting fluffy now! Phil and Lil'C are going on another rescue tomorrow - 650 chickens! (none coming home though...)


Hazel said...

The postcard is fab, Lythan - what a good dare this week. Are you sure Phil won't bring any more chickens home?

asia wu said...

This is a great postcard, I love colours and layout :)

Kathy said...

Your postcard is great Lythan, well done on using your SA postcard (something I've never managed...)

I love passion flowers - which is why we've just planted one in the garden. The cheapie one I bought in Woolies at the last house was amazing and just grew everywhere - fingers crossed this (not so cheap) plant grows just as well!

Windle Poons looks like a happy chicken now, so you should get lots of happy eggs eh?

Rhi said...

I love your postcard Lythan, brilliant colours and a really funky composition. I love passion flowers too but it's not mild enough to grow them here, well you can grow them but they won't flower, so I'm going to make do with your fab photo.

Andrea, said...

Great postcard, love the passionflower they are so beautiful

Saffa said...

OOh lovelt card ever!

I remember watching a passion flower open years ago we had a plant on our took about ten minutes I would say but it was an amazing sight!

stamp and scrape said...

I LOVE this - despite your comments, the colours are fantastic, and the stripe is well disguised. Stunning work.

Deb said...

Fabulous postcard, I love your layout. What did you use to punch out your corners? I love that effect!
Mmmm, gorgeous flower, I used to have them in my old house, you have just reminded me, I might have to buy one for here! Along with the apple tree, the pear tree, a thousand daffodil bulbs, tulip bulbs.....I could go on!

Rika said...

What a beautiful postcard!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Gorgeous card, fabby papers & elements.
The DCM was the very first Card blog as far as Im concerned. The others sprang up soon after, but they never really got the same following. I remember posting on my blog about you girlz.I was quite excited.
1st DCM post

Dawn Wheeler said...

Fantastic postcard,realy great papers,thanks for stopping by and leaveing me such a nice comment Dawnx

Sarah said...

Lythan the postcard is great, I love those papers and well done on finding a use for the SA postcards I cut all mine up!

Crissi Harvey said...

Lovely post card.I have passion flowers to there just so pretty,and look at little windle poons bless cute name for a chicken

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

I know exactly why you were picked for the Dares team.....because you make ROCKIN' cards!!!!!

Keryn Campbell said...

I love how you've made the ball out of patterned paper. So clever.

Samm said...

This is gorgeous Lythan, love all the different layered papers! fab!

Love the layout too, sooo cool!