Sunday, October 14, 2007

Then there was Sunday

Here is the pool we borrowed from another church. Due to a communication breakdown over how hot it was earlier on, it was toastie warm (almost too hot)

All I needed was a few people blowing bubbles through straws and I would have had an instant jacuzzi!
Here are the two baptismal candidates -Tinu and Addie. A lovely couple, originally from Nigeria. They taught us a song in Yoruba - which turned out to have the same tune as "brown girl in the ring". I'm guessing that the tune ended up in the Caribbean with the slaves and then came here (and not just thanks to Boney M!)
Addie is baptised

And then Tinu

Unfortunately so was Tinu's phone as she had put it into Addie's pocket!
They were then confirmed and made members of the church (well after we had all got dry)

Also pictured is Jane who wrote a song speshly. Wish I could have recorded it as it is wonderful.

We had an amazing time, it was well worth all the effort we had to put in. NO time for crafting today but I have done some tidying and putting away which is a miracle in itself! I hoe for a bit of crafty time before I have to go to Cambridge tomorrow


Hazel said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful occasion - very special for the couple and for the church, including you.

Jukie said...

What a special day for you all.

artfulstampin said...

Fantastic! I love baptisms (adult) we have some coming up next wek at our church, and 2 of the lads are going to be braving it in the river Severn!

Unknown said...

LOL at the jacuzzi - you could give baptisms a whole new meaning!