Tuesday, March 27, 2007

About time I posted again

Life just gets too busy!
Saturday I did some work at the Church contact centre. Some weeks you can just read or cross stitch while keeping a careful eye out for trouble. I am woman. I can multi task. The cross stitch did not come out of the bag at all. Phew! new families, demanding children, infringements of the rules - I was exhausted! Afternoon was spent doing prep for Sunday and taking Carys to a craft party at Imagine That. She has done a lovely canvas which just needs a photo now. What a great idea for a party! (although i am still smarting from being mistaken for one of the partygoers. Yup 11. Time for some makeup I think...)

Sunday was spent celebrating 200 years since the passing of the abolition of slavery act; celebrating the retirement of my lovely church secretary after 34 (!) years including a big celebration lunch and doing tea and songs of praise for a group that takes the housebound out for tea.

And in case you thought I wasn't really a Minister...

Monday was spent taking Hywel to the orthodontist as some of his rubber bands had pinged off. Its all high tech stuff. Mr Davis was really fast - H was only in the chair about 3 minutes. But the whole journey there and back etc took 1 1/4 hours... that's my crafting time yer know.

Monday my friend Sue came round and we talked crafting and went to 2 craft shops. oh the restraint by yours truly. Sue had an Artbase card to spend. i did persuade her to buy me the piece of Bazzill i needed to finish a page as I couldn't wait another two weeks. It was hard to remember the page plan in the end but this is what I came up with

then we went to Imagine that and I booked some classes (not scrap spending) whilst Sue bought one or two more things and we bumped into Anita there who has got a potential new big order for cards. you go girl! So she stocked up on bazzill bling to help her do it. Bling is just heavenly and I will get some in my next SA kit! Managed not to upgrade my SA kit as to have it delivered on standing order is ok but to upgrade would count as shopping. (Hope the Lord is playing by the same rules or I'm in trouble)
The above LO uses the Feb kit.
The next LO uses the March kit.

its an 8x8 double lo and yes my hand did ache after all that cutting. Letters and journaling tags done on the robo.

I love the way my kids still need to do the same things every time we go places even though the oldest is now 14!

I leave you with Carys' very first LO planned and executed with her own fair hand and only a bit of help from mum programming the robo (font of went to town is Elise. v. cool. Paper is Junkitz)


Paula J Atkinson said...

Fab photo of you in your "uniform" & stunning work you've been doing. Love that photo of you two together, so sweet.

Kathy said...

Fantastic post, and such great photos too.

The LOs are so lovely Lythan - Carys is obviously being trained well in this scrapbooking lark.

Oblibby said...

First time I've seen you in your working clothes, Lythan.

Carys must be the most photogenic person ever.


Gillian said...

Oh you do look lovely dressed for service.. very nice!
Beautiful LO's girls!!.. love yours Carys you are so very creative!
Lythan your LO's are just Stunning too..
not much longer now on this stash fast... you are such a good girl!

Tracie H said...

Lythan....can you email me.... have something waiting to be posted to you!

Pearl said...

Hi Lythan , great to see all your new work here ! It always tickles me that you are a scrappin' Minister ! That really rawks ! lol

Great L/Os & photos !

xo, Pearl