Friday, March 02, 2007


Got the letter today and Carys has got into Gaynes. I cried with relief. It is so stupid because as long as the application form was in there was almost no chance of her being sent anywhere else. But there was that lingering doubt - what if I hadn't sent the form after all and was put down as an uncaring parent?
I'll find out about everyone else at home time today. it is quite hard for Carys as we didn't get into our catchment area primary school so most of the Year 6 will go to a different secondary school. But I'm sure she will make new friends. Emrys has a great set of friends now at Gaynes that he didn't have at Junior School. He had a postcard today from the Geography Department to say well done on getting a level 6c in his exam. I think that is a brilliant idea!

Here are my Daring Cardmaker cards this week. I did two - similar in style as I used up the black cards with the Jan SA kit but using different out of my comfort zone techniques. The one on the site uses some rather strange peel offs that I bought ages ago and hadn't used. All black plastic bits. I think they are Francoise Read. I meant to use the more normal type of peel off but just was not inspired. It isn't a criticism of those who use peel offs because they can look great, but they are so not me any more!
The head, hat and little black flowers are peel offs
KI memories paper, Prima flowers, brads from Carolyns shop, safmat sentiment (love that word that the Americans use. Greeting sounds so much colder doesn't it?!). Both the ribbon and the mat for the head are actually pale blue!
This one uses some papermania stickers that I have had for ever and never used. They are very sweet but I obviously wasn't as inspired as I thought I would be when I bought them! Stripy paper is from SA Jan kit (one of the best ever!); ribbons and brad from stash; safmat sentiment; Auntie Sarah's bloomer.

Right off to the Traidcraft coffee Morning at church now to celebrate Fairtrade fortnight!


Pearl said...

Hey Lythan

Glad to hear your Carys is in a school of her choice ! We understand that well here in competitive Singapore ! lol

I couldnt tell your first card was using peel offs at all. Good effect tho' ! & I do so hear you on the peel offs - yupz they are kinda yesterday now isn't it in cardmaking ? lol

The second card is just adorable - those dress stickers are sexy flirty I think ! lol

great stuff !

xo, Pearl

Rhi said...

Great cards Lythan, I tried with some normal peel offs too and was about as inspired as a dishrag. I love the colours and shapes you've used, really striking :)
Rhi x

BondGirl said...

Great news on Carys school choice, and I am sure she will made ooodles of friends. nice touch by the geography department too.

Your cards are great as usual. I cant do peels offs as i cant stick the straight. My favs are the dresses. both cards are soo classy

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Love your cards Lythan,especially the dress one.

Andrea xx

jennalee said...

I like the dress one too. The light blue really works well with the black. Someone will be very happy to get that on their birthday.

Kathy said...

phew! good to hear Carys's new school is settled now - it must be horrible doing the waiting thing for schools.

I feel much the same way about peeloffs as you - they were ok when I started but they don't feel right to use anymore - now this of course is a bit mad because peeloffs have moved on too and some are quite nice. But I still can't bring myself to use them - so well done you on taking them out of the box and actually doing something with them.
The other good thing about this dare is that now you've used them, they won't be sitting there in the bottom of the drawer staring up at you accusingly, will they?

Paula J Atkinson said...

Congrats at Carys getting into school.
Fab cards. I hate peel offs when I use them, they are so obvious, but yours are so well disguised!!

Saffa said...

Congrtas for Carys!

Thats such great news and it must be such a relief! Ibrahim has just passed an entrance exam and we are chuffed to bits!

As for your cards as someone who has a distinct aversion to peel-offs these are fab! Well done on making them look lovely!


Sheila said...

Oh well done you.....I had some of those head and hat peeloffs and chucked them away as I couldn't think of a thing to do with them.
The dresses look great too.

Esther said...

Been meaning to thank you for the extras throught the post! thanks for givining me inspiration- I have those dress stickers and dont always know what to do with them!
Can I add you on my bloggers list please?

Gillian said...

Congratulations to both Carys & Emrys.. wonderful news for your family this week..
Wonderful cards Lythan.. I love them both..Very Stylish..
I hadn't heard the term peel offs till I started doing DCM's so have a little smile each time I see it written.. to the Australian ear it sounds a bit like something someone does when they rev up their car and take off..LOL!!! sorry just had to share..LOL!! :o)

Jo said...

Fab that Carys got into her school, all this competing for places is pretty scary and well done Emrys :)

You have done an amazing job with peeloffs it was a pretty scary dare this week and you have made two fantastic cards

jo xx

Esther said...

Also thought I would let you know about my Goodies up for grabs prize draw, really easy all you have to do is complete a sentance, come along nd join the fun :)

Anonymous said...

That dress card is absolutely wonderful!