Friday, March 09, 2007

How time flies

cos it's Friday again!
Busy, busy working week. I have just spent a wonderful hour or so with a chap from my church who is housebound and in his 90's. We talked about prayer and faith a lot but also about his past. I love hearing about people's lives and it gave me a pang that so much of his life story will be lost in time. It made me more determined to scrap some family stories as well as pretty pictures of the kids. Must get my photo albums from my mum!
And if you know any older people - not just family - why not go round and have a chat - you will learn so much!

I did get to do some crafting at the crafty card Club at my Harold Hill church. That is the sort of work time I enjoy! I had meant to take my camera to do some step by steps on layered flowers. But I didn't. I would like to do that sometime soon for Net though, seeing as she asked so nicely!
And now she has her CJ here is a full version of the page...
Mine will be with me very soon - can't wait :)

And here is this weeks Daring Cardmaker effort.
Jo set the dare which had me running for cover. "I would like to challenge you to make a hero themed card. It could be a card for the Hero in your life or a Superhero themed card..."
I went for a hero in my life - me mam
Tall card
lots of printed out on card bits matted onto BG Phoebe
Phoebe background (Mum I hope you realise how much I love you by the amount of Phoebe on one card...)
cape and undies cut from Flair designs Girls in the swim paper
Auntie Sarah's Bloomer coloured with chalk ink
3 black brads

Now I have to make another similar one for Mother in Law!

work looms for most of the weekend but I have booked a scrapbook class at Imagine That on Monday night and I'm soooo excited.
Plus my latest SA kit came today so I am off to drool...


Jo said...

I love your card! made me chuckle :) Fantabulous cj too :)

The Giraffe on my blog (I think he is a male called Geoffrey lol) is a paperbliss embellie that I have had for a while :)

jo xx

Paula J Atkinson said...

fabulous card, very inventive!

That CJ entry is glorious. Such yummy colours.

Kathy said...

Made me smile too - such a good take on the theme - most of us went for more "blokie" themes

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Great card Lythan. I loved reading about the gentleman in his 90's - how right you are, people of that age can be so interesting. I used to be an Administrator of a Church and that is the part of the job I loved - listening to people's memories. Trouble is none of the Vicar's work got done!!

Dollydimps said...

I love your hero(ine) card Lythan!
I keep looking at your LOs and being in awe of your handwriting-please teach me to write like you! lol

Gillian said...

This is such a brilliant card Lythan.. I'm sure it will make your mum blush with pride...
Bless you for visiting this old chap, I'm sure he was delighted to have someone to listen to him.. I hope you have a great time at the scrapbook class :o)

Flower said...

I just find this card awesome! All the bits and pieces, colors, sentiment...just so creative and special. Just awesome!!