Sunday, March 11, 2007

My baby is home!

Woot! (as my boys would say). I arrived home from a loooong meeting yesterday to discover that my CJ had arrived in the post. Oh it is fantastic to see all the hard work everyone has put into it.
Do you want to see it too?
Or hear about the family walk in the mud where Carys had so much fun squelching that she fell over?
OK, Cj it is then... And watch out eyes cos I'm going LARGE with the piccies!

My cover and intro pages are all Cosmo Cricket Wanted. I must say it all looks so much better with lots of ribbons sticking out all over the place rather than the rather bare version i sent out. And someone added ickle bells. Just perfick!

and my double layout. well it is really two layouts cos I picked two songs that tell something of my life.
Here is the pull out tag for Dancing Queen
and the slightly dark close up of the RHside
If only I had known in 1988 that cream and peach would be so horrid to scrap with in 2007. Still at least we still look at each other that way. Sometimes :)

And then all the fabby pages from my CJ buddies. First up was Net...
here is her tag
I just love all those fresh colours!
then we have Rachel
with lots of little pockets and pull outs and lists of hundreds of songs that got me singing along!
Alba jane - with her wonderful stories of Elvis
And sue W who did a super quick turnaround
and still manged to fit in a tiny little Maze book which is (cough) amazing - look!
All that is left for you to look at is the sing in page - well i mean sign in but hopefully you are singing by now...
and the back
Phil had an MandS hamper for Christmas from his Church and the hamper fits 12x12 albums in beautifully. It's a lovely place to store all the bits that I have done - albums and little books and all. So my CJ is now in my hamper of goodies ready for me to look at every day! (And I will).
Thanks again Team 1 - it has been such fun.


Sue said...

fab CJ Its actually GREAT being last as I also got to see the finished book

Cool subject Lythan xxx

Kathy said...

oooooooohhhhhhh luverly book Lythan

Jo said...

wow! this is just amazing, so much hard much work has gone into it, just fabby :)

jo xx

Paula J Atkinson said...

How fantastic. No wonder you feel proud!! It is a work of art, completely gorgeous.x

Keryn Campbell said...

That book is yummy!!! You're going to find new things in it everytime you pick it up for years to come.

Gillian said...

Hiya Dancing Queen... love your crown... What a gorgeous little book.. I'm sure you'll treasure it for ever..

Paula said...

Loving the journal, maybe I should join in with one??

Creative Treasures said...

What a gorgeous CJ, its so fab
Tracy x

Michelle Tweedy said...

I love, love, love this idea. Music is such a big part of life!! I'm going to have to get started on one of these for my family. Beautiful work on all the pages!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Just catching up with everyone's blog - love, love love your CJ another little treasure. Some great lay-outs to browse too!!