Sunday, October 15, 2006

Been tagged

kind of! by Paula
Who is getting more into blogging I see. And decorating...

She set this challenge

What are your 5 biggest achievements in life so far, and what are the 5 things you want to achieve before you die?
Here are my 5 achievements
1 – to have been happily married for 18 years. Even though I am sure that most men would have got fed up with me by now, Phil still loves me a lot!
2 – to have 3 amazing children. They are not perfect. But they are fantastic. They are growing up so much and are so loving, so caring and have developed a strong faith of their own.
3 – to have stuck with my job even tough there have been many times in the last few years that I have been tempted to go and work in a shop. It's not the faith that is the problem. It's not really the people that make up the churches that I serve. But being a Minister is never an easy job and who you are and what you do can get ever so caught up together if you are not careful. But God has kep faith in me and I thank him for that (sometimes through clenched teeth)
4 – I ahve 2 degrees. well one is called a post graduate certificate in theology but as a year or so later they made it easier and called it a B Th I'm going to say i have two degrees.
5 – beginnning to wish i hadn't lumped the kids together... um, passed my driving test first time. No, learnt to use a sewing machine.

And my 5 things to achieve before I die are
1 – To see my kids off to university - or whatever suits them best
2 – to be a grandma. I've said I want at least 3 each. The boys say they are not having kids so Carys has to provide 9...
3 - to see one of my churches really grow and make a difference in the community.
4 – To finish the banner I started last year
5 – to make God really proud of me

Your turn!

cute happy baa-thday cards I made yesterday...

And sanil with my SA kit which finally arrived... I am now spending quite a bit a month on this as I have gone for 8x8 to help with my scrapping. But the stuff is scrumptious and still cheaper than the UK mostly...
the card was meant to

have a groovy edge and it isn't that I had to change the style because I didn't print the greeting straight. Honest.

Blessing on Doug and Sue who are getting married tomorrow!


Kathy said...

Cute cards Lythan

I love that snail - is it a die or a punchie?

Paula said...

Thanks for taking up my challenge Lythan, I was convinced no-one would.

I'm glad I'm not Carys - 9! :-o

Sue said...



Anonymous said...

Beautiful Cards Lythan, really fun and funky :)

Lythan said...

it's a QK die Kathy

Jane said...

coooool cards

The Amazing Nevard said...

I never said I wouldn't have kids D: