Sunday, October 29, 2006

So what did you do with it?

The 'extra hour' today?

  • went to Church (but not preaching - Sunday off. Got a good idea for school assembly on Thursday...)
  • made Sunday din dins
  • Finally did a bit of the cross stitch tree for CBC's Advent calendar (will need help though Susan!)
  • Went bowling. Tried to go bowlling on Thursday but it was no way without booking so we booked today. There were 6 of us but I was still shocked at the price! we had loads of fun - especially the second round when we put up the gutter guards. There were lots of nul points first time round. Grandma was the ultimate winner!

  • finally got the harp out and tried practicisng for a piece I'm playing in a concert in 4 weeks. Realised should have started months ago (have a love/hate relationship with the thing. Its complicated)
  • faffed about on the computer
  • listened to the Archers and went hoarse from shouting "Ruth NO!" If you don't listen you will not know what a trama we Archer addicts are going through just now.
  • watched the Royle family. Had to make jokes to stop myself from not just crying but completely bawling at several points. Was sure that little David was really big David's son. Had smug moment at being proved right. Think Norma Orchard Tallulah Porche might have some Craig Cash genes too but was so smug I missed her credit...
  • watched Torchwood. Was releived it wasn't quite as graphic as last week as my Mother in Law was watching with us

So (apart from cross stitch) no crafting whatever. I'm a bit twitchy now. And sad cos half term is over and its back to school tomorrow. But its been a good day. Hope yours was too.


Kelly K said...

Woo, what a packed day off you had 8-o And I blarted too at the Royale Family...

Kathy said...

You did ALL that in the ONE extra hour?????;-)

Wish I could say I'd done half as much as you Lythan, I'm such a failure...