Tuesday, October 17, 2006

National Blogging Day

or something like that anyway..
So i thought I would talk about mornings in the nevard household.

It is so much more civilised now that the kids are older. I used to have to get each one dressed while Phil made their breakfast and pack lunches (I know I got the easy deal, I always do becasue he is a WONDERFUL man). Now I am often stirred by the sound of Carys opening the drawers to get clean undies. I then go and open the boys curtains. Next tis time to comb out the tangles in Carys' hair - a lengthy job.

I may have to remind the boys to get up (rare) or to do the pit stop in the bathroom before putting shirts on (occassional) but mostly I can then get dressed and stumble downstairs...
where Phil has made me a lovely cup of tea. He won't have done the pack lunches because the kids do them the night before. And they do their own breakfast. He may pour out their milk if they are lucky.

What follows is
  • a moan about books on the table (Phil)
  • a moan because Emrys is teasing (Carys)
  • a moan because Mum always reminds me to go up first when Hywel has been sat reading for ages (Emrys)
  • Your lift is here Carys (Phil and Lythan) (faces too gruesome in the morning for photography to be safe)

Yes we don't even have to drive her to school any more!

Side note: Actually, I'd rather walk her to school too. If we had got places for the kids in the LOCAL school we would have walked. But we didn't.

Today was a bit of desk work (not that I can see it) plus prayers at one of my churches and Women's Guild at the other where I talked about books I love with a subtle anti racist message thrown in. Highlight was the safe arrival of Bethany Dorney. Mum Jane has been wheelchair bound for ages and her birth is a real miracle. I'm so excited! As I ahve the sniffles I can't visit yet though...

Bethany shares her birthday with Ayomide whom I baptised last week. He is one today! For little Heaton way Church to have 3 babies there now is also a miracle. Thanks be to God!

Slightly less importantly... I did the sept Template challenge on Carolyn's form on Sunday. I am aware of the date now...

I found the template a little overwhelming at first but once I got the piccies the right size it was fun, fun, fun to do! Paper is MMSam, Letter stickers from QVC kit, Bazzill buttons and ribbons from stash (love saying that)

Tonight I have to finish the 10 template Christmas card challenge so i will post about that tomorrow. Adios amigos

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Rachel said...

Lythan you are so good with the camera and capture every moment - Im gonna have to try harder me thinks, and where do you get time to scrap like you do - Im so envious please can I have some of your spare time xx