Thursday, October 12, 2006

the good, the bad and the (not so) smugly

the good: the chickens are finished!

the bad: still not firing on all cylinders but am doing something about it

and the rest: serves me right for being smug. Have ended up in the middle of a very sad situation which I hope can be resolved with love and understanding. Hugs to all involved. Apologies to those who have no idea what I am talking about
(I really do hate these kinds of blog posts you know)

On a lighter note...
I ahve done some more scrapping. The great thinga bout 8x8 is that it doesn't take a lot to fill the page. That is also the drawback but I'm not ready for 12x12 yet. Phil hates this photo so much... papers from an ancient SA kit and I can't remember which one. Bosher ditto. Brads and ribbon thingy from Carolyn's shop Personally I'm not so keen on my look in this one... Christina Cole papers and doodlebug buttons
Christian Cole papers again. At elast some of the ribbon is from Carolyns shop. The buzzy bee is a David walker 2Peas font (letter 'J' I beleive). And I've been wondering what to do with those big & from the SA kit. oooh I've just realised that going off the page is one of Elsie's scrapping challenges!
BG Lucky paper ( I think) and some acrylic painted MM letters. Wish I had done the writing slightly differently but I love the writing in wavy lines thang.

Here's to a happy weekend for all


Kathy said...

The choocks are great, the LOs are great.
Thank you too for the way you always know the right thing to say.

Saffa said...

Wow you are turining into quite a prolific scrapper my dear!!!!

I love the chooks they are fab..
Glad you are dealing with that beastly dog!!

Jane said...

love the chooks !

and the layours are gorgeeous